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June 8, 2009

Unto us a Little Warrior is Born
by Loreis

Well, it happened, and not with a bang, but with a wagon train. Lerris heroed yesterday, thanks in great part to Ryoula, according to the letter I received via Mudmail earlier this morning. A somewhat confusing letter, but it told me the important parts: Ryoula organized a wagon train, with a full form, and delivered Lerris quite speedily to the final destination, whereupon she sold her goods for a whopping ten million plus gold, and heard those lovely words, "Lerris has reached Level 31!"


Reading the missive as I sat in Avadale Park, I noticed a strange name near the bottom. Liece. I found Liece using the Player command, and discovered she is a single class Warrior recently born to Lerris, adding one more to our already expanding bloodline. Single warrior is a tough way to begin, so I went shopping, and sorting and hunting for equipment. Liece now has a bracelet of life, thus rendering her impervious to hunger or thirst, a flaming sword to offhand, many sanctuary items, and the much coveted Magical Pocket and Focus. She is already Level 19, and working her way quickly towards Level 20, when she can use harm staves, and will receive another dragon crystal.


I sent Lerris a card and flowers, congratulating her on becoming a Hero. I know it took her a longer time that expected, but we all Hero in our own time. I am a Legend (and NOT just in my own mind), Lerris is a Hero, and Liece is a little Warrior. Our bloodline may not be the largest in Medievia, but, in my opinion, it is one of the best, simply because we look out for one another. So, welcome Liece (pronounced Lee-see, from what I have been told), and good luck on your adventures!


Oh. The packrat issue. Liece needs so many potions, orbs and staves that I really believe she will not have room to hoard. At least, until she becomes a Cleric, and then I imagine I will receive many notes and messages, begging me to send her my containers. I hope not. We really need to break this cycle. Tatianna, also a Hero in our bloodline, has admitted that the problem is genetic, and watching some of us stagger into the Post Office, to receive more equipment, I have to agree. Having donated to Medievia, we each have our own storage character, but it just does not seem to be enough. Perhaps Liece will be the one to break the cycle; perhaps she alone is brave enough to say "No more! I will carry only what I need!".


Who am I kidding? Here we go again...




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