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Za Qua Deor Sails Again
by Bberke

Rumor has it that the infamous pirate ship Za Qua Deor has been rebuilt in the port of Sea's End and christened itself on the flaming wooden planks of Clan 79s Man O' War The Tempest. Why its captain chose this target is unknown, but if the rumors of his cowardly demeanor are true it was merely because the ship was ripe to be destroyed. It might have been observed that The Tempest was just out of sight of the docks of Sea's End and the only other ship nearby, Stormy, a Man O' War of clan 71 captained by Rina, was busy trying to survive against several serpents.

Though the ship put up a decent fight, it could not survive against the Pirate Captain's maneuvering as it found itself unable to return fire when Za Qua Deor, at a critical moment in the battle, slipped across The Tempest's Bow, in a classic "crossing the T" two fully volleys aimed at the flaming ships tattered sails landed across its deck and hull, destroying the majority of its gunnery.

While Za Qua Deor's deckhands remained calm and dedicated to the task of feeding the demonic sea goddess their captain served, The Tempest's crew began to panic as their fate became clear. Yet, no cry for mercy came from the clan members of clan 79. Their first and final sentiment was silence as their ship succumbed to Za Qua Deor's rain of fire.

Having vented my blind rage at The Tempest I took precautions against my own ship meeting a similar fate. I began to lower my battle flag, hoping to take advantage of my ship's immunity as it was still considered a "learning vessel" by the Gods. I sailed my ship south towards the edge of Vryce's realm as my deckhands fixed my tattered sails and battered hull, all the while watching from the crow's nest for any sign of a sea dragon that might carry clan 79's vengeance upon its back.

No ships came and eventually satisfied with my ship's condition I continued to break in Za Qua Deor, slaying no less than twenty-seven serpents of various size and five Khrait scout ships one of which I captured with a rag-tag crew of those greedy for the glory and customary chance of rolling the dice for the prize of keeping the Sitharon itself. When the Khrait were dead, I rolled high and Lanerin took the wheel of that ship and sailed away securing it in secret so we might pirate another day.


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