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The Woolly Mammoth
by Bberke

The Righteous and Seventh Circle flew to Elysium for a typical equipment run. This was apparently anonymous's run as he is returning from retirement. We lined up in front of the gates of Elysium. One of the form leaders threw the rope up securing it on the wall, while dodging the attempts of the two gatekeepers to kill him. It was a typical scaling of the wall, the first step to a successful Elysium run. The adventurers did not count on one thing. A thing so evil they had not dreamed of its existence. The Woolly Mammoth. DUM DUM DUM.

Typically Elysium climbs go smoothly. One climber goes east and one up and is immediately scoured by a slew of arrows and pots of boiling oil. Before they expire they summon the next climber. The other form members then summon the first climber and cast spells of healing on him/her. This is repeated till the wall is scaled and the form is then summoned to the archers. Sometimes this takes one or two attempts. Sometimes there is not an evil demon-spawn Woolly Mammoth.

The Woolly Mammoth is a creature of pure evil. Rumored to be able to be in more than one place at a time, its god-like powers are only surpassed by its disgusting breath, which makes even ruby dragons cringe. The Woolly Mammoth camped both the altar on the island of Elysium and the wall above the gates of Elysium. When one of our brave climbers went to summon the next climber, the Woolly Mammoth reared its humongous tusks and impaled her, preventing her summoning spell and causing her to succumb to the pots of boiling oil that melted away her hair, skin, and most regrettably bosom.

Then when our adventurers attempted to resurrect themselves at the altar, the Woolly Mammoth used its evil cunning to further undermine our run. At the altar it waited, hidden in the shadows, silent like a dark woods toad. Upon resurrection the adventurers were impaled before they could even breathe their first breath of life. It appeared the Woolly Mammoth was everywhere at once, foiling our plans to raid the fortress of Elysium.

The moral of this report is simple, beware the Woolly Mammoth. If you see one when you begin an adventure be cautious for everything will surely go awry. Do not pass the Woolly Mammoth off as three tons of hairy mush. It is no ordinary beast.


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