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Ships Get Training Wheels
by Bberke

A brand new and exciting feature has once again hit the waves of Medievia. Ship training now allows mortals and immortals alike the chance to experience the thrill of attempting to master the ocean on a Man O' War without risking a single gold coin. A captain going through training can face conditions just as difficult as he might find elsewhere with only a few exceptions. There are some small quirks and tricks unique to using ship train, but they only add to the fun.

Ship training is intended to allow the people of Medievia to experience shipping for fun without the true risk of the open sea. By typing SHIP TRAIN in medlink, you are created a random ship with a random crew, fully loaded with a bit of each type of gun and ammo. At any time you can type ship train to exit your adventure and have your ship destroyed. Nothing you do on the ship counts towards your fae rank or acquiring gold.

Other than the no risk no reward of ship train there are only a few differences between it and normal shipping. First off you are sharing a small portion of the ocean with a lot more ships. This results in higher than average serpent activity, you may find yourself attacked by serpents the moment you begin training. Also no mob factions pop. See HELP SHIP TRAIN for other rules of ship training that do not apply to normal shipping. As with every new thing on Medievia, in ship training there are ways to best utilize the options given to you by the Gods. First off you can repeatedly create and destroy your ship until you get a ship and crew that you like. There is no reason to settle for a subpar crew. Second because of the mixed ammo on the ship its better to always fire on hull because you can't depend on fires to spread to the rest of the ship as you might with a warship (which has all firecaster guns and ammunition). Overall I love ship train as it's a way for me to enjoy my favorite part of Medievia without having to allocate large amounts of time or resources to the adventure. Thank you to all the Gods who made this possible and I hope this leads to a new burst of ship activity on the oceans of Medievia.


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