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Waves of Fae
by Bberke

There is something new to the masters of the ocean, the ship captains of each clan. Stolen from the hordes of Khrait scout ships that have began to assault the previously peaceful fae ocean are powerful magical spells that allow one to control the weather and the creatures of the ocean. Many ship captains have watched their ships burst into flames as they experiment with this new magic, but there are ways to make sure your magic has the desired result every time. Also included in this report are ways to get the most out of the spells available to you.

There are many fae ship spells currently in use, each requiring a precise arrangement of sea monster corpses to invoke. In each room there must be the exact number of corpses required by the spell, no more, no less.There are rumored to be even more spells yet to be discovered. A list of known spells has been established by the Gods: Create Fog, Dispel Fog, Summon Beast, Summon Serpent, Dispel Storm, Create Magic Storm, Dispel Serpent, Repair Ship, Douse Ship, Summon Seadragon, Summon Wind.

The other day while I was taking my job as a reporter very seriously, I snuck up on Vryce's headquarters in Medievia Castle. As I was hoping the all powerful creator would not notice me, I managed to raid his garbage can and found a discarded list of potential new ship magic that had yet to be discovered. On the list was a spell entitled Summon Beasts that would cause all ship nearby to be swarmed by sea monsters. Another set of spells lets you have further control of all different types of storms, including firestorms, rainstorms and tornadoes. Other spells let you summon specific sea creatures to your ship and allowed your ship to be impervious to being rammed.

The most powerful of all the currently known spells is surely the summon seadragon spell. It bypasses the normal restrictions on seadragon travel imposing only one limitation. You cannot have your battle flag raised when the seadragon picks up your ship or it will drop you and leave. Many times a captain has been rammed once or twice by a deadly serpent to have a hastily summoned seadragon scoop up the ship just in time to save the ship and crew.

Another spell that is powerful for the evil or should we say aggressive sailor is the create fog spell. Why would someone want to create a fog you might ask? Suppose you come upon a ship or group of ships that for whatever reason you could not win against in straight out ship versus ship battle. Wait until your enemy is fighting a serpent, the more serpents the better. Grab a hundred serpent meat and start chumming near their ship, at the same time, cast the create fog spell. Now they are faced with several serpents and will be unable to distinguish which serpent is the one they were fighting.

That's it for now, enjoy your shipping!


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