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Good Warrior Tips
by Bberke

In one of my last reports I discussed the current state of the warrior class. I'd like to continue to delve into the warrior class beginning with my own alignment and set of equipment. Below is a list of each slot and the equipment that might be used in that slot for a max or almost max good warrior set. Almost of this equipment is indicative on what I currently own, or would like to own, so this is basically a report on the research I have compiled in putting together my own equipment.

Please note that the hp tweaks I've listed are not super tweaks, to truly be considered max you'll want +10 +20hp tweaks above what's listed here. The same applies for mana tweaks listed. Also be aware this is not the set I put on in cpk. In cpk, I wear 50200 more hp and lose hr/dr depending on what I'm doing in cpk.

To give you an idea a set like this will cost you between 250mil and 850mil+, depending on which items you choose. Much of the 850mil cost is because ely bracelets are going for 200mil each, but you can make as good a set with prismatic bands 5hr/3dr for only 20 mil a piece, which keeps the price down in the 300400mil range.

Naturally that doesn't include the cost of donation eq, the don eq listed in this set requires 200 donation tokens, current market value between 6001200mil gold. This estimate does not include time spent collecting hero aq tokens.

DH = make with dragonhides
HAQ means this item is purchased with Hero AQ tokens

Light: 2hr/4dr ely orb
3hr/40hp tyche
7hr/2dr orb
HAQ 2dr/45hp

Finger: 5dr/-1ss eldrick
6hr/2dr signet ring of the arena
3hr/4dr Heavy Platinum Ring
4dr/40hp/+10% dodge slug
DH 6dr/-1ss (proc)
HAQ 5dr/15hp

Neck: 100hp 7dr-20ac talisman

Head: 4hr/45hp kirin mane
3hr/4dr Helm of Fury
5hr/3dr solamnic visor
3dr/25hp ruby visor
4dr/25hp pallens circlet

Body: 4hr/35hp/-2ss remital

Hands: 2hr/5dr Vemyrs gloves
DH 6dr/-1ss/disarm proc

Legs: 4dr/25mana eldricks leggings
4hr/40mana solamnic leggings
4hr/2dr condemned skirt

Feet: 5dr +1hp chastity boots
5hr/3dr brimstone boots
HAQ 2hr/5dr -15 mana
6dr oldstat Undead boots

Arms: 4hr/6dr physicon arms
6hr/5dr ergs from metagolem

Waist: 6hr/-3ss demonforge belt

Wrist: 2hr/5dr pink elysium wrists
5hr/3dr prismatic band
HAQ 3hr/4dr
HAQ 4hr/3dr/damage proc

Shield: 3hr/5dr shield of honor
12hr black dragonscaleshield

About: 7hr/1dr Shroud of Honor
20hp 3dr 1hr Mongoose protection
3hr/3dr tabard

Melee Wield: 8d7 3hr/4dr eldrick sword
8d8 -25ac/+3wis/cure serious proc verigaard blade
6hr/6dr HOLY LONG kuk goddess sword
7d8 4hr/4dr pink elysium sword

Melee Stabber : 6d6 SMITE-EVIL 5/4 kirin horn
9d4 25hp/4dr angelic pallens dagger

Held: 5dr/40hp/+30% parry HellReaper Nail
5hr/5dr kirin hoof
4hr/35hp tome of power
+10dr -80hp -50mana Jewel of visionary dreams

Of course, I have other donation items, aura/focus/spirit.

Instead of listing what zone each item is from I've decided to simply list all the zones this equipment comes from together. Keep in mind this set excludes any equipment from quest zones or quest auctions.The zones this equipment is found in are: Elysium, Alps, Eldricks, Condemned, Chepstow, Seaslug, Lyranoth, Bloodstone, Verigaard, Pallens, Vatos, Estate, Undead, Tomb of Oblivion, Fandi Isle, Kalata, Kuk, Tharhalas and Hellreaper.

I hope you have fun collecting the items and enjoying what for me is the most fun class/align in the game. GOOD WARRIOR!


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