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Equipment Suggestions for Single Warrior Level 1
by Bberke

Some heros roam the land looking for the best and most powerful equipment in the game. I am no different than most with an important exception, I have a passion for the first equipment an adventurer would ever use. At the lowest levels of adventuring a would be hero can face some of their most difficult challenges. This is why I dedicate this report to those adventurers and that equipment that is most useful to them.

A glowing aurellium pendant: (hr/ac)
This can be found in the The Xezadha Cathedral, very close to the entrance to the cathedral. The pendant are carried by Worshippers of the dark god after whom the cathedral is named. The pendant affects a warrior's ability to hit their opponent as well as assists in increasing the effectiveness of their armor.

An opal ring: (dr/ac)
Found on some of the creatures in the labyrinth leading to the goblin castle east by southeast of the City of Medievia, these rings increase a warrior's damage and also help to increase the effectiveness of their armor.

A black silk scarf: (hr/dr)
Within the gypsy camp, hidden next to a carnival, there is a fortune teller who wears a black silk scarf. This scarf is one of the most powerful items available to new adventurers, increasing both their ability to hit and to do damage by a fair amount.

A chaos helmet: (dr)
Within the goblin castle, the most elite of goblins wear the most powerful of helmets. Chaos helmets increase the damage of those who wear them and slightly increase the effectiveness of one's armor.

Eight Tankards of Ale: (dr)
Many adventurers decide to become adventurers while drunk at a nearby tavern. Perhaps that is why eight tankards of ale are the most destructive items usable by a new adventurer. Go to Sevoseth and look for a tavern where a bar fight is a brawl, surely the tankards will be found there.

A shield with the seal of New Asthon: (ac)
This shield can only be found in the backwards city of "New Ashton" on guards called draugs. Not all shields are created equal and you may have to spend quite some time in the city to find a shield that best protects a fragile new adventurer from damage.

A shadow cloak (ac/invis regen)
This item also found in the labyrinth east of Medievia City regenerates the spell of invisibility, an extremely valuable asset to the warrior who has no spells at his or her disposal. Even when not employed for its magic, it also slightly increases the effectiveness of a warrior's armor.

A hay baler's knife: (hr/dr)
A straw of hay may not seem an enemy worthy of the knives the hay baler's a Gloumewood farm carry, but if one has ever had to battle one of the roosters at the farm they know these knives are barely adequate protection. Nonetheless they are one of the best weapons in the first few levels of adventurerhood.

A fistful of nails: (dr)
Farmers in gloumewood pack a mean punch especially when their hands are overflowing with the nails they commonly use in a days work. Steal or kill the farmers for their nails and you will deliver a mean punch as well.

The equipment above combined with some basic potions available in the Medievia City Market will allow a single warrior to run stats of: 4d4/20hr/20dr/-120ac on top of whatever base stats they have before even filling the remaining 6 equipment slots of BODY LEGS ARMS FEET and WRIST(2).

This allows for an average melee of 30 damage per hit with a maximum of 34 and a minimum of 24.

Remember these are set stats and not actual stats as combined with your base stats. For example if you have a base dr of 4 your all three damage statistics above would be increased by 4.

It should be noted this information was prepared with a newly created single warrior in mind. The further from level 1 you get the more options available to you. Additionally Evil and Good align only equipment was not considered for this article.


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