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Warrior Life
by Bberke

I'm sure you've noticed the lack of warrior heroes in Medievia these days. The warrior drought has been in effect for a long time and is a clear indication that those inclined to be heroes believe the warrior lifestyle to be the least useful or applicable to their adventuring. Until recently I hated the warrior lifestyle myself, but after having spent all my days as a spellcaster I began to wonder, " What would it be like to become a warrior hero?" Following my curiosity I traveled Medievia, once again honing my warrior skills. I've become satisfied with the warrior way as I am finally beginning to get the hang of player killing as a warrior. Class overhauls announced by Vryce to be implemented by Seraphyr give me hope the slight disadvantage warrior has will soon be corrected.

Which begs the question, why do the vast majority of heroes choose to train as mages, clerics, or thieves? With the reclass information provided by the gods it has become know that warrior is the class least reclassed to. The warrior has the most hitpoints to start out with, the least mana, and the best ac of all the classes. Yet, warrior is often cursed for having a broken stab, while the casting classes are loved for their consistent delivery of damage via shockwave and harm. Clerics can heal all their hp in seconds; Mages can xp nonstop for hours without ever having their manashield fall or their hitpoints touched. Thieves have hitpoints and mana more balanced than warrior and have a more reliable backstab. It can definitely seem like warriors are getting the short end of the stick.

Of all the classes it always seemed the warrior classes "advantages" had the least application to player killing. How ironic that the warrior is the worst discipline to engage in war. Warriors get more hitpoints, but any cleric can get just as much with the right equipment. Warriors can offhand a dagger while wielding a sword, but the amount of time warrior melee connects with the average hero who has an armor class of -100 is sparse at best. Certainly warriors can deal the most damage per round to a mob with melee, but it's not that impressive when compared to a mage spamming shockwave wielding a nemesis bow.

Now I've taken the leap, I've always liked the idea of having high hp while delivering triple backstabs to my opponents back and finally I'm the powerful warrior. With two rings harvested from the infamous seaslug nursery my character is capable of 1270hp 160mana while stabbing with 57/62, with a switch to 1050hp 62/72 and finally finishing my opponent off with a 2nd switch to 58/78. And at what a bargain! Under 400mil gold and 200 donation tokens easily secures all that is necessary.

However, I was quickly reminded why people continue to choose mage over warrior. While a warrior can be instantly maledicted dead if caught unaware, a mage needs simply to always have the spell phantasmal images cast and they have a very effective barrier against being instantly killed in a chaotic player killing area. Furthermore, if two people are fighting and I want to join the battle my melee is much less effective than the constant onslaught of a mage's shockwaves or a cleric's harms.

These large advantages for spellcasters and even thief with its superior mana fuel my belief that warrior needs to be tweaked. Perhaps slightly faster hp regen or a more effective meditate. Warriors should be better at warrior stuff, blind fighting, and running. Warriors should be able to more quickly recover from their bash and perhaps even be able to critically bash someone knocking them down for two rounds. Whether or not you believe these suggestions are plausible one thing is clear, warrior should be just as desirable as the other classes.


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