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Tiego Bakes Bberke
by Bberke

Rumor has it the evil scum of the ocean Bberke was ravagedly burnt to bits and doused in fae water by the Hero known as Tiego. Apparently Bberke approached Tiego's ship belonging to clan 65 and clan 1's ship with battle flag raised, and clan 1 took the initiative by firing on Bberke's ship Za Qua Deor. Tiego followed suit, and within moments Bberke was lowering his battle flag and fleeing for safety as his ship burned around him. His cowardly pirate ways kicking in, he only fired two or three volleys back before deciding to shift all his deckhands to repairs and dousing.

Bberke only needed ten minutes more and his battle flag would be down, but it seemed every shot Tiego's deckhands took landed squarely against Bberke's hull. Most of Bberke's deckhands were by this time scared into the remaining corners of the ship by various groups of Sea Ram and Kraken, but with suicidal stubbornness Bberke descended to the bottom of his ship and began hammering away as if his single effort could defy Tiego's horrible fury.

With a loud and long hiss the burning planks of Za Qua Deor began to descend into the Fae Ocean. Oddly Tiego expressed remorse via imp message afer Bberke sank, but Bberke - never one to go quietly - brought forth his favorite vintage, Trellor Bourbon, attacking hours later just as two Khrait scout ships descended upon Tiego's ship. As Ratlee says in Medievia justice may take the form of an , "eye for an eye."


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