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Shrefwan Returns!
by Bberke

The pirate captain Bberke left G'dangus on his random patrol of the Circle of Power Alliance controlled waters. The Ocean was, as always, dark and beautiful with the silver moonlight cascading over its constantly shifting features. He knew the darkness in those depths, for he had descended there many times in death and now his mission was once again to familiarize his fellow citizens of Medievia with the same. Standing atop the crow's mast his scanned the horizon for signs of wood or cloth, beast or man, shout or squeak.

To Bberke's surprise he spotted a ship he thought had long ago left these oceans, High Seas the once greatest ship to sail captained by Shrefwan, former leader of the Herbalists. Thinking back to his first time on a ship Bberke remembered he himself had once been a mere deckhand on Shrefwan's ship. This man was his first teacher. How ironic it might be, Bberke thought, if he could destroy the flame of his genesis.

Humungous multi-headed serpents surrounded High Seas as Bberke sped toward it in his fragile, but lighting fast sloop. If Bberke was successful he would have to fight both the serpents and the crew of the High Seas or the ship he sought to capture would surely sink. As he approached the High Seas it fired a full sixteen-gun volley towards his sloop. If even one firecaster lit his sails aflame his fragile and fast sloop would become a fragile and slow sloop, ending his pirate attempt quickly.

Not a single firecaster touched the sloop as he peered at the decks of the Man O' War. Splash and sizzle were the sounds as Bberke spotted at least six powerful heroes upon Shrefwan's boat. Bberke made no claims of invincibility, he knew even if he could defeat all six heroes they would surely be successful in sabotaging their own ship before he could take control. Turning the wheel sharply he headed back to port, hoping to catch his prey another time in a fight with a more favorable and certain outcome.


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