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Rumors of Ruin
by Bberke

I moved through the beaver dam, my fingers outstretched as waves of acid shot out and melted the skin off the hairy beavers. Making beaver goo had become my new favorite past time as I had decided to change my evil ways and seek the favor of the gods of good by slaying despicable beavers.


The air rumbled with the voice of the god of chaos and creation throwing me to the ground into a pool of awful smelling beaver goo. Like crackling thunder Vryce's voice filled every sense in my body and I could do nothing but shiver in awe as he proclaimed:

Those who respond to the gods' efforts to improve the realm with bad faith alliances aimed at undermining those efforts will cease to exist.

Once the sound had ended I rose and attempted to wipe the beaver goo from my robe. Shaken and confused I began to ponder the meaning of Vryce's declaration. It had come shortly after the leaders of the great clans of the realm had been commanded by Vryce to decide whether to eradicate areas of chaos.

The ferocity of emotion on this issue was like none I'd witnessed before in the realm. Many were outright defiant at the very notion of including these areas in those patrolled by the Gods. So violent was the response that those who favored imposing order upon these areas kept for the most part silent, voicing their opinions in quiet prayers to Vryce himself.

In the past there had always been the occasional temporary alliance between clans of power wishing to have absolute domination of Vryce's realm. As heroes sought to always have the advantage in battle they recruited greater and greater numbers to their cause. Over a hundred warriors would collide in the forest outside Bloodstone temple and the Dark Woods on the shore of the Blood Sea.

In such battles one could barely tell their comrades from their enemies as hundreds of shockwaves descended each moment followed by spells of healing and the thrust of daggers and swords. Many a hero would be reduced to skeletons with flesh and blood barely hanging on before a gauntlet of healing spells from their allies restored them the next moment. The gods cast a blind eye in these particular areas among others and allow the desecration of the dead. For this reason many a hero avoids these areas and lacks the bravery to enter into such battle where they risk losing everything material.

If such areas were to become protected by the Gods it would not mean an end to bloodshed. In fact it has been surmised that battles of even greater numbers would take place. With no fear of having their corpse desecrated heroes would have nothing to lose. The soul of a hero is always protected in the realm of Medievia and except in these chaotic areas their material possessions are as well.

Some allege that if the chaotic nature of these areas is removed the battles in these areas would become so numerously large and ironically "chaotic" that it would take too much effort to reap any profitable treasure. Vryce's proclamation against bad faith walked a fine line. The gods do not prohibit good faith alliances that are aimed at dominating the realm. How does one distinguish between an alliance aimed at the noble and heroic right of conquest and an alliance aimed at undermining Vryce's will?

Confused, I came to a simple conclusion: Any efforts to undermine Vryce are unwise. Be you blood thirsty murderer or beaver eradicating hero respect Vryce and his will or be erased.


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