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The Righteous Embrace Chaos
by Bberke

There has been much discussion about what the real difference is between a chaos and an order clan. Whatever the difference is Clan 4 The Righteous have found reasons among these differences to convert the loyalty from Order to Chaos. I don't really know what those reasons were, but something deep within me pushed to follow them into the wild. Each moment remains uncertain, but certainty is a prison built by fear to cage the timid.

Still I ask myself, do those who align themselves with Order find happiness in different ways than those of the Chaos cloth? My answer has always been yes. While those of Order desire consistency and stability in their life, those of Chaos seek out the possibility of total destruction. Those of Order want control of their destiny and wish to carefully decide when to face danger. Those of Chaos wish every moment to be filled with an uncontrollable disaster, a disaster they hope to ride like a powerful wave. Those of Order think such disaster is filled with hate and is an affront to their very way of life. To those of Chaos such is the only life worth living.

Despite my personal thoughts on the subject, I know little beyond the obvious of the reasons why The Righteous switched from Order to Chaos. The obvious is they plan on killing and sowing chaos throughout the land and hope their Chaos allegiance shall tempt the gods to grant them glory for their actions. As a clan of Chaos reap a rank higher than they previously held among the clan of Order. Yet, I do not know why The Righteous desire destruction and chaos to be the merits they will be judged by. I can only guess they love such things as much as me.

Descending into Chaos, I have gone from a life of certain steady fortune to one of tumultuous entropy. In the moments that follow I have the chance to seize the moment and rule all those who would oppose us, stripping them of their earthly belongings. Or I will be cast down, smited by the ever powerful forces of Chaos which I worship. Whatever my fate might be, I will have followed my heart to the end of its purpose.


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