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Dancing with the Queen
by Bberke

Bberke landed at Fire Giants Keep and sensed Nystarial, clan leader of The Seventh Circle, and Sibyl, co-leader of Wrath, within the halls of the keep. Tossing caution to the wind Bberke sped through the cavernous hall and opened the hidden picture, immediately running north he ran right past his opponents who were undoubtedly waiting for him.

"Quickness of mind is not required for that of feet", Bberke thought as he sped down the corridors, his armor whisking along silently. Spinning about, he ran light of foot back to behind the picture frame that secreted a hidden door, and threw a strong gust of magical wind at his enemies scattering them across the room. With equal speed Bberke was off again, running in circles down the well worn down path, where he came upon the Fire Giant Queen who wore the coveted molten bracelet.

"Perhaps this is what they seek", Bberke thought, so he danced about trading casual blows with the two clan leaders as he hoped to catch them weak after having fought and killed the queen.

But Bberke's patience was even smaller than his intellect, so he decided to attack the Queen himself. Luring the Queen's guards into various traps, he slowly brought the Queen to her death. At that very moment Nystarial and Sibyl reappeared, an evil aura of malediction surrounding them. Nystarial attempted to release the magic at the very moment of the Queen's death.

The magic failed as one valiant fire giant guard who had attempted to defend the Queen, even into death, disrupted the spell while it continued to try to fight in honor of it's now fallen matriarch. Slipping the molten bracelet from the dead Queen's wrist with a smooth motion, Bberke recited the words of magical teleportation which transported him to safety.

To his chagrin he realized this molten bracelet had been damaged and was not nearly as powerful as the one fabled to come from the Queen, it was in fact worthless. Bberke chuckled thinking he had risked well over a hundred million gold in equipment for a worthless bracelet, not even worthy of the wrist of a new adventurer.


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