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A Petty Score Settled
by Bberke

Some people in Medievia are patient, kind, and understand if there is simply no more room left on a crab ship. Not so of Bberke. With an ego large enough to fill even the largest cavern in the catacombs it was too much for him to bear when he was denied the privilege to board Sloop Charon's Ferry captained by Kyushla and owned by Iacta Alea Est. With a slow and painful stirring revenge in his tiny black heart he leapt onto his Frigate The Hidden Titan.

His ship was armed with less than five hundred dartflingers, but that did not deter Bberke. He knew he would probably do very little damage with his puny darts and that the crew of over eighteen adventurers who had worked together to kill crabs would easily repair the ship he sought to sink, however, he was content to be the thorn in the side of Iacta Alea Est and maybe he would get lucky.

As his ship sailed towards the southwestern seas he readied his ship or battle. He called for crew members, Avalyn and Akina becoming his ragtag crew. They assisted in the slaying of a baby Kraken though the final blow was left to a group of Emerald Kah as The Hidden Titan closed in on Charon's Ferry. Bberke knew having Emerald Kah and Seagriffins on his ship would prevent any other monsters from interfering with his battle.

Just as he began to combat the crabbing ship Bberke encountered several annoyances. First it seemed it could not keep hold of the helm. Every few minutes he would black out only to realize several minutes later where he was. This was often right as he was about to come alongside his target. His deckhands were also ill-suited for their task, hardly managing to make a shot land.

As he was having one of these black-outs the unexpected happened. A small ruby serpent appeared and began to circle both ships. Bberke trying to keep focused, but failing miserably, steered his ship when he could keep his mind on the present. Then just as Bberke thought he would be fighting both a serpent and the Ferry the ruby serpent began to bear down on the Ferry.

In a matter of seconds and before Kyushla could respond her ship was rammed and on its way towards Davey Jones' Locker. One point three million fae had been lost. Bberke smiled sinisterly as the crabbing ship sunk and using his dartflingers ordered his crew to make quick work of the ruby eel serpent. Bberke turned his ship towards port and docked his ship hoping he had made one more person despise him.


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