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New Player Spotlight: Mythia
by Bberke

Kalan conducted this interview on behalf of Bberke.

Kalan: How long have you been playing text games?

Mythia: I would say about 10 years. It started with the text adventure games from I didn't find out about muds till 8 years ago. I did not like muds at first because I was not used to their themes and I was against gaming in general at the time.

Kalan: What caused your feelings about mud type games to change?

Mythia: Well. I just continued to play the games because I was interested in them just as a personal research project of my own. I was trying to find out why games were so interesting to certain people. I eventually began to game because I enjoyed it. I got to meet new people. And it was fun.

Kalan: How long have you been playing Medievia?

Mythia: hmmm. Well. Do you want the long answer or a very short one?

Kalan: I like long answers better.

Mythia: Okay :)

Mythia: Well I started playing Medievia oh maybe 4 years ago I think. I don't remember exactly. I created several test characters because Medievia is a huge place and quite frankly I was overwhelmed and confused. So I created a character, dropped it. Created another one, dropped it. Kept doing this for a while. It actually embarrassed me because I did not want to fill up the database with characters I wasn't using. I also kept forgetting their names anyway. And there was no delete option if you wanted to delete a character you no longer wanted to play. I felt terrible. Anyway. I eventually got tired of this tactic and stopped playing Medievia for a while. Then I came back again, created a few characters but was going back to my create and drop activity again so stopped playing once more. Finally I had Mythion come along and ask me if I wanted to play his bloodline character. Out of the blue. He didn't know who I was or if I would pull through. I at first said no because I couldn't promise him anything. But then he convinced me to take Mythia on. And I made a promise that I would hero her. In the process of playing Mythia I began to actually really like the game and some of the people at least.

I don't like being pked for no reason however. I am blind and I feel at a severe disadvantage in that area. Using a screen reader is a bit slow. And sometimes having someone come up and backstab you when you don't even know they are coming because you are disadvantaged by the slowness of having to listen to text rather than read it is somewhat annoying. However I am improving in that area. Pk is not a favorite aspect of the game to me. And it isn't only my disadvantage using a screen reader. I just don't like pk in general. I would not do it to another so I would hope they not do it to me. However when it does happen I just pick up and move on.

Kalan: How did you first find out about Medievia?

Mythia: I liked to check the top rated games on Mudconnector and other mud sites because generally if they were rated high most people thought they were good to play. and I like challenges. And Medievia seemed to be a good challenging game to play.

Kalan: What are your favorite activities on Medievia?

Mythia: I like trading, crabbing, combing, exploring zones now that I can explore with fairly reasonable survival rates LOL. Talking with people I have met on the game seems to be growing very important to me. I haven't done much but xp my way up. Oh I was in the hell trade mob thing a few times. That was fun. I have not been serpenting or dragon hunting yet. But I am guessing I would like it. Once when I was being hunted by a dragon I watched the dragon I called and the other dragon fight. And one time I joined in near the end. It was fun. I like helping others when they need help. But sometimes if they are being nuisances I try to avoid them. I do prefer to solo though. Because then if I die it is my own fault and I can just be okay with it. But if I am responsible for someone else dying that I do not like.

Kalan: What aspect of Medievia helped you to adapt to its unique style of game play?

Mythia: Not sure really. I was in clan 99 for a bit till something happened and I was not welcome there anymore. But when I entered 29 things changed. People helped me right and left xping and giving me suggestions to where to xp. And they were very very helpful in a ton of ways. And I just began to enjoy their company. Mythion helped too with equipment and such and that helped me tremendously because I am not very good at understanding eq yet. Although I am getting better. I also like the player run government voting system here. At least what I have seen of it so far.

Kalan: How difficult of a game would you say Medievia is to master?

Mythia: Very hard. But doable. It takes patience and help from others if one is willing to receive it. At first I just wanted to do it on my own. But eventually I knew there was no way I would ever hero unless I accepted help.

Kalan: What activities on Medievia have you tried? What happened?

Mythia: Well trading I died a few times. Combs I died a lot lol. All in all though, I learned what was too powerful for me and what wasn't and tried to avoid the things that were and go after the things that weren't.

Kalan: What activities on Medievia have you not tried? Why not?

Mythia: Dragon hunting. Not sure I can yet. Voroderms. Just don't know much about them. I haven't been to an island yet although I hope to go to one at one point to see what it is like. oh just a note to that. There may very well be other things I don't know of too. Medievia is a huge world and I am not sure I will ever learn it all.

Kalan: How helpful did you find the learn command?

Mythia: very. the learn command is very helpful to new players to Medievia if they take the time to read it.

Kalan: How much and in what ways does playing Medievia require you to roleplay?

Mythia: I am not much of a role player. And Med hasn't required me to role play at all really. However some day I plan on creating a description for my character just because looking at her right now she seems rather bland non descriptive. And seeing some of the other player descriptions... I think I should write one for Mythia.

Kalan: What one thing would you change to improve Medievia?

Mythia: Well. I cannot think of anything really. I have to script my mud client to work properly so rather than change Medievia I go the route of adapting Medievia with my mudclient. I am not the programmer or the leader of the game so even if I wanted to... If I wanted one thing to change I would want restrictive pk. But that isn't going to happen so I just live with it. Enjoy the rest of the game get out of zones when I suspect someone may be wishing to pk me and come to the zone again later at a later time.

Kalan: Before we conclude the interview, do you have anything you'd like to add?

Mythia: Medievia is a great game. It takes patience and perseverance to hero but it is doable. Anyone who may be reading this if you are new please continue to strive. You will succeed if you just try.


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