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Colossal Khrait
by Bberke

The serpent reared its head. A face only a mother could love, its eyes like two pools of molten lava stared at me as I considered what to do. One of the largest serpents in the ocean swam beside my ship, a colossal ruby double hammer-headed whale with double scorpion tails. I knew if I killed this serpent it would certainly reap a good number of babies, and at the same time the evil Khrait that lurked in the land afar would sense the immense fae my boat carried.

I decided if I was to take on Khrait scout ships and ruby babies at once I would need a crew of heroes repairing my sails while my deckhands kept my guns firing at what would without a doubt be six to eight deadly targets. Using the telepathic powers the gods had bestowed upon us, I called out to the other heroes of the land boasting of the threat the large serpent and Khrait posed to my ship, Wilderness Operator. To my surprise and immediate delight, fourteen heroes hopped on dragonback and hastily flew to my aid.

As they traveled across the ocean towards my ship, I spotted on the horizon a Sitharon. I knew by the lack of a storm from afar this was a rogue Khrait ship, one that had been separated from its fellow scout ships and was left to wander our world. As the heroes landed on my ship it began to fire on me, setting my ship afire and tearing large holes in my hull. In respose I fired on both the colossal serpent and the Khrait, continually turning my ship in wide circles in an attempt to keep myself sandwiched between them, so I could make use of both my larboard and starboard guns.

As a firestorm formed over my ship I launched volley after volley of triple damage firecasters at the serpent until it died splitting into five ruby baby serpents and rewarding my crew with over three hundred thousand fae and almost three thousand serpent points a piece. Immediately the heavens began to rain blood and freakish lightning danced across the sky as the Khrait scummed sought to rob me of my fae magic. The sea was covered with a thick fog and booming sounds of powerful sorcery surrounded my ship as I spun the wheel to either side to execute head shots on several baby serpents at once.

With four Khrait firing on my ship, I steered myself closer to a nearby island continuing to punish serpent flesh with powerful balls of fire. The sounds of hammers and buckets of water being poured penetrated my ears as serpent babies let out death cries, their meaty bodies polluting the waters around the island. Soon the babies died and the two Khrait ships melted like butter under my onslaught. The other two Khrait ships had somehow become lost on the other side of the island, running themselves aground. I surmised such extra dimensional creatures must be a bit disoriented in our world, but I felt no sympathy for them.

Circling the island I navigated the ship between both Khrait ships allowing my highly trained crew to grapple both ships in turn. Boarding the ship, Lanerin began to pump water from the hull, while Gnoden gave me reports on the movement of the Khrait sailers. My formation leaped back and forth between masts, keeping the Khrait scum running in circles as we picked off stragglers unfortunate enough to be caught alone. Slowly we wore down the Khrait crew and emerged victorious. My crew gambled dice to decide who would ascend to captain of the newly captured Sitharon. Lanerin won the roll and I bid him farewell as I headed back to my ship content with a successful day at sea.


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