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December 13, 2008

Interview with Sindel
by Bberke

I recently interviewed Sindel, a long time player who returned in the last couple years. He is currently a Hero Mage in clan 42 The House of Swords and Magic.

Q: How long have you been playing text games?
A: Since 1999.
Q: When did you start playing Medievia?
A: At the same time, Med was my first text game.
Q: How did you find out about it?
A: The Pueblo start screen. It was the first MUD recommended by the program.
Q: What's Pueblo?
A: Client like MM2k6. The only client I know of back then other then telneting in. And Pueblo wasnt blocked by the high schools security program so I could use it to play in school
Q: Did you ever get in trouble?
A: Nah, me and two others that I got into playing were in charge of making the network at the school run. So we could do what we wanted on it most of the time.
Q: Nice, you indicated you are a returning older player, when did you take a break from Medievia, what were the circumstances?
A: Well, I've taken multiple breaks. the first one was because all the players I knew had retired at the time and the others were WOW related.
Q: What brought you back?
A: WOW is boring after awhile. I logged back on one day a few years ago and saw my friends were back. So I started playing one of my old characters then I was given a bloodline. I havent left since.
Q: What year abouts?
A: Came back permanent in like 07. but I was playin Donoven and Aserio since 04ish. On and off.
Q: Do you think Medievia has changed significantly since you first started playing?
A: Feature wise, totally, all kinds of new stuff everywhere. Base game play. Not really. Most of the new features don't change the fact that your first experience with the game is grinding to hero.
Q: What are your favorite activities on Medievia?
A: Idling in the library. I like to run equipment with the clan. Trying to learn how to ship. There aren't a lot of features that have been instituted that I don't get enjoyment out of.
Q: What about the new "be in the story" feature and fae bats, orbs, etc. What's your take on them?
A: Well, I've actually read all the story so far, and I'm in part of it. I love the idea. Fae Bats are an awesome replacement for slugs at the moment for leveling purposes and I'm very interested to see what else we will be able to do with the fae orbs. And as someone who has a horrible habit of being permanently poor on the game, the new features have given even the low levels a chance to make gold decently quick.
Q: When you first started playing and more recently as well, what aspects of Medievia helped you adapt to its unique style of game play?
A: Well, when I first started playing, I sucked. The most important teaching aspect for me were the other players. Helped me learn the do's and dont's of the multi player aspects like high lvl eq running and such. That and a lot of other muds had a convoluted help system. Med's has always been concise and to the point. I don't have to figure out cryptic syntax to get the help file on magic missile.
Q: How difficult or easy a game would you say Medievia is to master?
A: To play, its easy. its simple and fun. To master I'd say difficult . So many little details that would help you be more effective in things like pk take a little while to pick up on yourself if you don't have others teaching you.
Q: You mentioned coming back because of your friends, who on Medievia has made you keep coming back?
A: Grindel was the main reason. We started in high school right after the other, And after I graduated and stopped playing for a bit we stopped talking, I logged on to med before I started playing full time again, just to see if he was still around.
Q: What did you do after high school outside of med?
A: Worked, started a family. Got addicted to WOW for like a year.
Q: Do you consider Medievia a roleplaying game?
A: Based solely on the levelling system yes. I've played other muds that were rp enforced, I guess it all really depends on your definition of Rp game.
Q: Do you feel like you're playing a role in the game, acting a character?
A: I can say yes, But its not really an immersive environment. The last thing I want is an rp enforced environment, but others do ruin the fact where you can actually get into the game and story.
Q: What is one thing you would to do improve the game?
A: I dunno, I really enjoy the game in its current form. Ask me again after all the new changes come in and we will see if my answer changes.
Q: Fair enough, what are you doing now when you're not playing Medievia?
A: Spending time with my son and wife, and trying to learn a new hobby/trade.
Q: Age/Sex/Location?
A: 25/m/West Virginia
Q: What would you say has been the most memorable event in your Med life?
A: The fact I've played since 99 and heroed one character
Q: Did achieving the status of hero be everything you thought it would be?
A: I felt as though I had accomplished something,. I never tried to hero like a lot of people do, asap. I wanted to enjoy the game, I did enough level grinding in WOW.
Q: If something happened and you were forced to quit right now, what would you want people to remember about you?
A: Never really done anything world changing on here. Id be happy if people just remembered me.
Q: If you were to ask anyone a question what would it be and to who?
A: Well other than asking V how much running this game drives him nuts.....Actually I really wanna know the answer to that question. So that one.
Q: If you could interview anyone, living or dead, who would it be and why?
A: Allistair Crowly. I am fascinated by his life.
Q: Name 5 things that people do not know about you!
A: I'm learning how to blow glass, I'm a stay at home father, I'm an awesome cook, Used to be covered in piercings, and its my fault Grindel plays this game.
Q: Ok, thanks for letting me interview you Sindel, anything you'd like to add before we end?
A: Thanks for the opportunity to be interviewed.


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