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January 11, 2009

Interview with Nehrie
by Bberke

I had the pleasure to interview Nehrie, a relatively new player to the realm of Medievia. She currently resides in the best clan in the game, clan 0.

Q: How long have you been playing text games?
A: Since 1984
Q: What was the first?
A: I can't remember the name of it. It was on a 5 1/4 floppy. We passed it around at college.
Q: What was it like?
A: It started in a cabin. Then you took a path off into the woods. Went down a grill and went through the tunnels. It had a dam you had to lower and raise. And a music box that was an a jewel encrusted egg. You had to solve numerous puzzles. I don't know anyone who ever solved the problem with the egg. I was actually looking for that game when I found Medievia.
Q: When was that?
A: Almost three years ago now. I played for almost a year then quit for a couple of years and came back recently.
Q: What about Medievia made you start playing?
A: *laughs* It's a text game
Q: And why did you keep playing?
A: I like Medievia. I can relate to a lot of the programming. What made me really start enjoying the game is when I discovered Cholsen's. I'm a big Nancy Drew fan. Cholsen's is like that.
Q: How is Cholsen's like Nancy Drew Novels?
A: Oooo I can almost hear the Nancy Drew mystery music when I go there. There are secret rooms and puzzles to solve. It's peaceful. And of course the ultimate mystery where is Cholsen. One thing I really liked about Cholsen's was I could make some money there. For a newbie that doesn't understand much about the game - Cholsen's has decent cash - much better than the janitors in Medievia.
Q: How difficult is Medievia compared to the other games you've played?
A: Moderate. Not so hard I want to quit, but not so easy I get bored.
Q: What's a typical day on the game like for you?
A: Depends on what I'm involved with. Right now I've been doing a lot of trading. So first thing when I come on I check out the forecast and time. Then I figure out all the numbers for 2xp etc. Usually I get on chat and tell the numbers. Then I do my valuing. And start a trade. I've been trading Urvile a lot so I get my wagon over there and then roll my ciggies pack horsing back and forth. Well I get my wagon to Ruellia. I've been having a goal of 10 mil per day for trade. After that I can do what I want. I like exploring.
Q: Where have you explored recently?
A: I haven't done much recently. I had Odessia exploring dark escarpment. I found this zone that is listed as a city on the map. It's really odd. Let me look up the zone. The city of Txiki Ardi In the middle of that zone is a spring. It says to contact one of the gods. Never have been able to get hold of the god.
Q: Would you consider Medievia a roleplaying game?
A: Yes because we are all playing a role that's different than our real life roles.
Q: To what extent are you required to roleplay?
A: Not as much as some text games. There's no ooc (out of character) channel. But just the fact we can use magic is a form of role playing.
Q: What would you say has been the most memorable event in your Medlife?
A: The people.
Q: Why?
A: Because of the social interaction.
Q: Has anyone in particular influenced you?
A: I have laughed and cried over this game. There are people who have really touched my heart. And people I really hate. Funny how a little act of kindness can make such a difference. Just one little thing. Maybe a wave. Maybe speaking kindly. And I'll remember that person forever.
Q: What are your top 3 pet peeves in the game?
A: The game is totally and completely against the clanless. Vryce forgets that God gave humans free will. And not being able to afford don eq.
Q: Top 3 favorite things about the game?
A: How easy it is to make money. How great the zones are. The people.
Q: What is one thing you would do to improve the game?
A: I would give equal rights to people who don't belong to clans.
Q: If something happened and you were forced to quit right now, whatwould you want people to remember about you?
A: No one will remember me when I am gone.
Q: But what would you -want- people to remember?
A: I would like them to remember that there was someone who tried to treat them fairly and with kindness.
Q: If you were to ask anyone a question what would it be and to who?
A: I can't think of a question to ask. I have many but none that stands out.
Q: Name 5 things that people do not know about you!
A: One they should know but act like they don't is that I'm a woman in real life too. Mmmm I'm 5'6'. I have red hair. I recently lost my dog. I like to read.
Q: Age/Location?
A: 54 Bangor, Me moving to Texas.
Q: Okay, thank you Nehrie for allowing me the honor of interviewing you, is there anything you would like add before we conclude?
A: Can't think of anything. Thank-you for interviewing me.


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