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The Righteous Hour
by Bberke

This was an hour, if only an hour, where The Righteous prevailed over Presence. Presence, clan 3, the newest clan to join the ranks of the Chaos Party, has established itself as a force to be reckoned with. The Righteous, clan 4, the most well-established Chaos clan, drew a line in the blood-soaked sand yesterday when it - after over an hour of trying to catch Presence in a stake its members - decided to make their intentions obvious.

The Presence, a clan who has in little more than a week pushed itself to the top of the chaos ranking, showed no caution as they possibly blind-rushed Vanlara CPK. With many past victories under their belt, not just in the last week, but over the past year Presence might have felt like a rolling steam engine of killing power. This poppycock carried the avatars of Presence into battle, fifteen of them against twenty-six heroes. The majority of those staking were members of The Righteous with temporary allies from several other clans.

When Presence's disadvantage became apparent a quarter of their fighters fled, while those who hesitated to flee faced an onslaught of ten-to-twenty shockwaves per round. While only a handful died and the outnumbered managed, despite all against them, to ice Sarmonic, easily over a billion in equipment was looted. This reporter looted a pristine nemesis bow from Rolkenmyer. Decent tweak shangs, firediamonds and other equipment, over thirty loots in all mostly high value equipment was taken.

One reason for the large amount of loots was before Presence could organize a counter rush or ressurect and/or teleport its fallen a huge earthquake hit the area. Even more would have been looted, but before the quake hit, Frostblood most notably and courageously floated in like lightning ressurecting those who died. Vorpaxis was the only one able to match Frostblood's speed, as just as quickly as Rolkenmyer was resurrected he was killed by Vorpaxis with a well-placed shockwave.

For an hour The Righteous had taken back the top rank in chaos combat, but within the hour Presence in unrelated events had taken back rank 1 by CPKing others of clans I forget the name of. Aimonsorcio leader of The Righteous had few words of praise for his followers, thanking those who organized the stake and commending everyone for following directions. One thing he shouted at us, DON'T GET COCKY.


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