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November 2, 2008

Lumberjacking the Gate Tree of Bloodstone
by Bberke

The former pirate pondered the balance of the cosmos. Hovering above the flowing river Bberke licked his lips sampling the fine mist of blood that lingered in the air. Produced by the foul magic of the temple before him, the river of blood acted as an uncanny sanctuary where no foul beast roamed. Blood from so many deaths sanctified by the gods as a place of peace. A place used by wolf-like packs of immortal outlaws to murder both the brave and foolish with greaterease. Death and dark magic creating peace only to fuel more bloodshed.

He smiled as he quickly enchanted himself, he found the tainted blood increased his desire for violence and chaos, not that it was something he ever lacked. He imagined each of the times he had battled in the forest of Bloodstone Island. Here he had collected from the corpses of slain immortals some of his most valuable treasures, but it was not the value in gold he coveted most. Instead it was the death of an immortal he loved, watching as all the hero's possession's were stripped away reducing them from great warriors to only a shadow of their former power. Some even fled to Earth their spirits ashamed and broken could no longer stand to adventure in Medievia as an immortal. The blood filled him with this terrible destruction, his greatest treasure the descent of demigod to mortal.

Now with white aura around him Bberke ran as a ninja silently gliding without a pant of breath into the forest, he searched for those tricky rogues that often hid and waited for those like Bberke. Dashing past the great guardian tree who rested before the ominous temple gates. Bberke avoid breathing in the poisonous fumes that filled the air and climbed the temple all the while knowing even a momentary hesitation could be fatal. Bberke swiftly surveyed the ledges, terraces and enclaves above the guardian tree until he stood atop the temple looking out at the entire forest for a split second before descending downward and circling the temple. He payed close attention to the hidden paths east and wast of the main temple gate that lead to the temple's back door.

Every moment as he watched with his eyes he also pushed his telepathic awareness of his senses to their max. This slowed him down enough that any break in his concentration might cause him to be detected by the evil creatures that wandered the forest. For a moment he pushed his telepathic abilities too far allowing a roaming evil tree to sight him and attack. Reeling in his sixth sense he fled instantly and dashed away noting to himself that the tree would now attempt to hunt him as he moved through the forest.

Satisfied that he was alone for the moment, but still at his most alert Bberke refreshed his enchantments and donned his spell negation armor intent on removing the gate tree's spell of sanctuary. Sneaking towards the main gate of the temple he began a silent dance around the tree whispering the arcane words. It took many attempts, but eventually the tree's enchantment faded away leaving it more vulnerable. Without delay Bberke set about relentlessly pounding the tree with words of power, slashing at its wooden twisted limbs with his mace of anarchy which began to glow blue in reaction to the tree's evil aura.

The battle was not for the faint of heart. Shockwave after shockwave pounded Bberke as the tree utilized its powerful magic. Clouds of poison assaulted the hero's lungs causing him to cough and choke, his skin turning green as he reeled from the barrage. All the while he did his best to remain alert because one in combat with the undead tree could not escape except by a spell of recall or teleportation.

It took four or five passes to gain entrance to the temple. Each time Bberke's fortitude was slightly diminished he would recall himself to the island shrine, quickly refreshing his strength with spells of healing before reengaging the tree. Over time the tree became a pile of vile oozing chips of evil tree wood. Within the pile was a knot of wood that with haste Bberke used to unlock the tree's stump and gain the black key that granted him entrance to the temple.

With key in hand the gate was unlocked granting him access to the temple where he would face new dangers, but for the moment his immortal soul was safe. As he stepped through the gate he made certain to slink east to a side corridor after quickly locking the gate behind him. He knew that if he was too slow the living statues that guarded the entrance would end his raid of their temple faster than the legendary Daedalus was known to run during a hero battle he was losing.

The true danger was over though, Bberke was alone in the temple and in possession of the only key in or out. Checking that he had a shield to protect himself from the temple's many booby traps Bberke began his raid of the temple's treasures, as he had done many times before.


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