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Returning Player Spotlight: Garryn
by Bberke (with assistance from Kalan)

Player Website: (He's a female in real life)

Garryn is a Member of New Adventuruers Guild and level 18 Thief. I sent my Bloodline grandson Kalan to interview him and here is the result.

Kalan: How long have you been playing text games?

Garryn: Since i first discovered them in high school...about 12 years.

Kalan: What originally was appealing about them, what made you start playing?

Garryn: Texts are more interesting -- they appeal to your imagination, as in, you get to see things for yourself rather than depend on what programmers see. Plus, I like to read.

Kalan: How long have you been playing Medievia?

Garryn: Since i discovered it. I moved to Colorado right after high school (1998) and found it by accident. It was awesome and highly addictive. I was hooked instantly.

Kalan: How did you first find out about Medievia?

Garryn: I think I was looking up text-based games on webcrawler -- a really old search engine -- and i learned about mmorpgs so i looked mmorpg up and med was the second or third link. It was a fluke discovery

Kalan: What are your favorite activities on Medievia?

Garryn: I still like the simple stuff. I like going places where there's no npc. I like to kill the muscular sailors for their pearls and seashells. I like trade runs...sometimes i just like to fish, though there's no exp value whatsoever. And "camping" in the wild for no reason other than to see how long I can stay out of a town without dying.

Kalan: That's pretty cool

Garryn: That's what i like about Med is that you don't have to grow your character fast, you can just play.

Kalan: What aspect of Medievia helped you to adapt to its unique style of game play?

Garryn: Probably the vivid colors and the new map designs. You can 'look around' and see where you are if you get lost. And now there is a handful of external sites you can look at, should you find yourself in a pickle. And I would be doing a disservice if I didn't say Avatars weren't helpful. They really are, even to someone who semi-knows their way around.

Kalan: How difficult a game would you say Medievia is to master? (and why...)

Garryn: Well if you're like me, and easily distracted, then it takes forever, so far as leveling up goes. But to learn? Not long at all. It's a lot of rote writing, as in, you learn that, for example, bs = backstab, thus as a thief, you've just learned to handle your opponents. It's really not hard at all, after you learn what the different socials and commands are. I'd say the average newbie could be considered knowlegable within a week.

Kalan: What one thing would you change to improve Medievia?

Garryn: I don't know. I like it the way it is, more 2x xp game days, maybe, or something that tells us where to find certain eq. When I played last, I had a tramix wakizashi. It was a gift and I have no idea where to get it.

Kalan: It's from the last mob in Xez Cathedral

Garryn: Wow thanks So then I'd say that other players can be the best way of getting information.

Kalan: Did you find the learn module helpful?

Garryn: Yes, but i miss coyote.

Kalan: What about the coyote do you miss?

Garryn: He was just cool in a cheesy way.

Kalan: What activites on Medievia have you tried? What happened?

Garryn: I tried trading alone and got mauled by kobolds. I randomly formed with people and leveled from 18 to 26 in about an hour. They were MUCH MUCH more powerful than I and I was in the back. I was in a clan once, we had a clanitem that was a hunk of moldy cheese. It lifted hp by 50 - it was comical but useful at the same time. And the support from other clannies was amazing

Kalan: The Cheese Merchants?

Garryn: Yes that's them, is that still a clan?

Kalan: No.

Garryn: Dang that would have been cool. That was toward the end of my first time on med. I stopped in 02 because I classed to a mage and I'm not a fan of mages.

Kalan: What activities on Medievia have you not tried? Why?

Garryn: I can't figure out how to do magic.

Kalan: How much and in what ways does playing Medievia require you to roleplay?

Garryn: 100%. Once you log on, you're in med until you log off. It's all in character. Unless something irl (in real life) whisks you away from your keyboard, you're constantly in character so it's all role playing. If I have a phone call and I'm chatting with someone, I'll tell them, but this really is all roleplaying, so there's usually nothing irl that helps. Is that what you mean by how much roleplaying is required?

Kalan: Yes :-)

Garryn: There is some requirement of knowing basic computer skills, but once you know what you're doing on here, you're all character.

Kalan: Thank you for your answers Garryn, is there anything else you'd like to add before we conclude.

Garryn: Just one. If you're new, stick with it. Keep the brief mode off and enjoy the descriptions. Don't go brief until you have them memorized, haha. It makes the game a LOT more interesting, and you learn to appreciate what the creators have done. Because I know this place didn't just sprout up all of a sudden. It took some time to create, and I'm glad it's still around. Also pick some good background music -- that enhances the game.

Kalan: Good advice, I hope you have fun and hopefully this will be put in the mudslinger soon. :-)

Garryn: Me too -- good luck with your writing.


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