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Frozen Ocean
by Bberke

The Goddess Arethusa waved a hand and all the creatures of Medievia faded into dreams. Moments later, all awoke and the oceans had been fixed. The Man O' War The Prancing Puppy resumed its movement, the serpent it had rested upon slipped beneath the ocean, the Khrait ships they had fought returned to their home dimension and the fae crabs that had swarmed them sank beneath the ocean.

Why had the Goddess Arethusa intervened? It began with said Man O' War's captain, Ferral, calling out for aid. Her ship was fighting a humongous ruby eel-headed whale with double scorpion tails as it made its way through the largest crab swarm this reporter as ever seen, a crab swarm large enough to be two swarms combined into one. If that was not enough, three Khrait scout ships were circling her own ship seemingly impervious to the crab swarm as they hammered away at Ferral's ship that was engulfed in flames.

I landed on the ship and seeing Ferral's condition I screamed out, "DOOOOOOOOOOOMMED." For I thought certainly the ship was doomed, in fact I was hoping that was the case as I'm just that nice a guy. Ferral's fate was cemented as despite a headshot by yours truly the serpent came from behind and rammed the ship twice. I then noticed looking at the bow gun between my hands that it was in perfect condition. I shouted out that the bow gun was still good, only to blink twice as I gazed at the rest of ship, it was in the same condition as my gun.

The entire crew began to cheer as Captain Ferral declared the ship had been blessed by Vryce, but that was not all. Vryce's magic had done more then we bargained for. As we gazed at the waves around the ship they all stood frozen in place as was the ship. Looking down under us there was still the serpent's long red scaly body underneath us, its monstrous head frozen in place above the poop deck.

The killing then commenced in earnest. Calling together a form of nine I belted out a countdown and on three we killed over thirty crabs in a matter of second. Ferral called out for us to make quick work of the frozen serpent and we did so. I weilded my awesome sword of ice to stab the frozen serpent over and over. With the help of the rest of the crew I secured the death blow on the serpent head, but this did not seem to bother the serpent much. Apparently their heads can regrow if slain as long as the body remains alive. Even though we could no longer fire upon the serpent for its body was encased in a thick lair of godly ice, random pot shots at the frozen khrait ships eventually sent them to the bottom of the sea.

As I flew away from the ship Arethusa rumbled from her mighty slumber, like the great bear of the north awakening from a dream of a thousand years (what morning breath!) and with only a wave of her hand set the oceans back in motion.


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