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Flawless Victory
by Bberke

It had been a while since the Cloaked Shadows had sailed the high seas with battle flag raised. Their currently best Captain Lanerin had taken a sabbatical, and Bberke was still having trouble with a fit of narcolepsy that had him falling asleep every time a serpent was about to ram his ship or whenever he was about to pirate someone. Lanerin had been pulling up the slack and more, but needed a break, so when the call came to possibly pirate a ship owned by the ancient and powerful Circle of Power, not a single bloodthirsty black hearted, hate-filled member of the clan was left behind. Therefore, Marikasha the leader and warm-hearted angel of the Cloaked Shadows remained ashore unable to perform such a dastardly deed. None should believe a single nasty rumor that Marikasha was simply really hungry and was too busy stuffing her face to assist with the pirating.

The Cloaked Shadows, only three in number, a warrior, a mage, and a cleric, sailed on Wilderness Operator with a strong wind at their backs as they approached the Circle of Power's Spirit of Devie. Lanerin commanded the deckhands like a nautical god fighting off a ginormous emerald serpent while keeping his bow pointed squarely at the Spirit of Devie. The two ships quickly closed in on one another as the serpent was torn apart in a barrage of fire from both ships.

Without a shot being exchanged between the two ships the Cloaked Shadows acted swiftly to capture the Spirit of Devie. They boarded moving like slithering wights, abandoning their own ship even as a second emerald serpent approached to ram the grappled ships. As they merged on the Helm, Thalesia, coleader of the Circle of Power, fled. Lanerin and Bberke began to hoist the colors of the Cloaked Shadows while Kwebris made short work of Thalesia. Any who have discounted the power and fierocity of a cleric's malediction were proved wrong as Kwebris turned Thalesia into a fine dust that the ocean wind quickly scattered to the four corners of Medievia.

Even though the clans that make up Thalesia's town were ranked 4th and 5th by the gods in comparison to the Cloaked Shadows ranking of 27, only a single clannie managed to arrive and try to save the Spirit of Devie from its imminent capture. Megara, to her credit, survived Bberke's infamously feared dagger of accuracy, even taking the time to comment on how it had barely managed to injure her. Bberke opted not to pursue her and within moments Kwebris delt her the same fate that had befallen Thalesia. Bberke took over the ship ordering the crew to their places. Chagrined at the bad taste left in his mouth, Bberke spit and coughed trying to rid himself of the foul odor that suddenly seemed to envelope him. Perhaps the ill flavor's source was Megara's stinging commentary on Bberke's impotent backstab or perhaps the wind had blown some of the dust from her magically exploded corpse into Bberke's throat. Clearing his throat of the foul dust from Megara's annihilated remains, Bberke saluted Lanerin who now stood at the helm of Wilderness Operator as the shipped ungrappled with an audible twang. Effortlessly Lanerin obliterated the emerald serpent just before it might have dinged his ship and both captains sailed searching for others to murder and pillage.


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