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Forsyth Baits in Fire Giants
by Bberke

Bberke used his earth crystal to transport himself to just outside Fire Giants Keep, his thoughts on his recent death inside. He hid himself there pondering how Chauthyr had cpked him in the exact same way Kwein had days earlier. He had been fighting the giants of the keep when Chauthyr using a coral wand slayed Bberke in a manner similar to that of Bberke's previous death in CPK versus Kwein.

It was seconds after that thought passed in Bberke's mind that Kwein landed on dragonback at the keep. Bberke sat hidden outside the keep biding his time, but it was not long before Kwein spotted Bberke and shortly afterwards flew away.

Bberke ran into the keep and scouted for anything of value, but it was clear the keep had been recently raided by adventurers and the treasures were scare. While Bberke was back outside the keep reattuning his earth crystal Forsyth arrived on dragonback.

When Forsyth, a member of the Legion of Shadow Knights (LoSK), did not immediately leave Bberke knew something was amiss. Unlike the tails of the LoSK of old, the new incarnation of LoSK did not have a reputation for being particularly brave in CPK and Bberke had never seen Forsyth exploring the keep before. So, it was with great trepidation that Bberke ventured into the keep to see what Forsyth was up to.

Bberke ran back and forth keeping his attention to his surroundings and watched as Forsyth ran aimlessly in circles. Gripping an insect's hollow exoskeleton's securely in one fist and his Creese in the other, Bberke was ready if Forsyth tried to use a coral wand, but this was not Bberke's only worry.

He knew there was a reason Forsyth was staying near the entrance of the keep where no treasure of value was to be found. He suspected other's were hidden outside the keep, waiting for the moment to strike. Thus, Bberke wandered why he was even there, what could he do alone so vulnerable against what was likely to be so many. Bberke planned to lure Forsyth deeper into the keep in the deepest undergrounds.

As he revealed the hidden entrance secreted under one of the floorboards in the keep, Forsyth struck with a weak backstab at Bberke's back. Bberke tried his luck as he cast a spell of dispel magic on Forsyth and to Bberke's elation Forsyth's magical aura of sanctuary dissipated leaving Forsyth vulnerable as Bberke quickly fled away down the tunnel he had revealed.

The same moment one of the many fire giant guards assaulted Bberke with a barrage of quick blows, but Bberke took no notice as he slipped back into the shadows to leap up from under the floorboard and slam his dagger into Forsyth's back. Bberke's single stab had Forsyth looking pretty awful and a slim hope existed.

Maybe Bberke could deal a killing blow before Forsyth could recover. Bberke struck out with his dagger, his pierce eviscerating Forsyth and leaving him covered with blood from oozing wounds, but it was not enough.

As Forsyth fled a cry could be heard from the tunnel below them. The fire giant guard hurtled itself at Bberke, bringing him to the brink of death, as Forsyth recast a spell of sanctuary and managed to trip Bberke sending the fallen hero to the ground. Sensing Saevio, Kwein, and Dima approaching Bberke rapidly casted a spell of teleportation, transporting himself safely outside the keep.


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