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Fae Bat Harassment
by Bberke

Flapping in my face, this crazy thing made of fae energy wouldn't go away. Everywhere I ran in the wilderness and on my ship, fae bats swarmed around me, flapping at me. I'd kill one, then another would appear. Screaming in outrage at the god Vryce, I asked, "Why, why, has this horrible plague come upon Medievia?"

The heavens opened, and a terrible fury descended upon me. Words boomed in my ears louder than the cries of a hundred angry nerds.

The voice of Vryce thundered forth, "Why dost thou question the will of god?"

I stammered in reply, "Uh, sorry, all-powerful one, I didn't mean to question you, but these bats are annoying."

The voice continued with deathly calm, "If you don't like the bats, you could always be erased, purged from our world, turned into dust... then the bats wouldn't bother you."

Heart pounding, I replied, "You know, I think I'm starting to like the bats."

A sly, amused chuckle accompanied his next words, "I knew you would. Here, have some more."

As Vryce disappeared, the fogs of the land gathered around me and the bats came in swarms. Luckily, they were extremely easy to kill.

As I killed the fae bats, small amounts of fae energy began to build upin my body. I attempted to use the magic, but the power was too much for me, and I began to feel rather dazed and confused. After killing many fae bats, the fog began to fade. When it was gone, my fae magic began to disappear with it.


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