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September 14, 2008

The Fae Ball
by Bberke

For over a year he had slept. Not on cushions or hay or earth, but in Davey Jones' Locker. The resting place of all those who succumb to the powerful fae magic of the ocean. With few allies to fight by his side and decreasing profits realized from his serpent killing and ship sinking escapades the pirate captain slept. That is until the frae used to build the ocean's ship became depleted, pushing the war wizard to experment with the forces of creation.

When the mysterious force touched with the belt buckle of Marious, the violent reaction that shook the land was so great that at least one seaman, formerly content to remain dead, found their spirit shaken through the portal where the gods granted life once again to those with immortal blood. Bberke rose from the dead and breathed life once more. He was disappointed, not that the land burned from coast to coast, but that he could claim no responsibility for the beautiful destruction that unfolded in front of him.

A new tingle in his belly twinkled like a star on the darkest of nights, bringing life only by destroying all things within itself. The FAE BALL as it came to be called was born calling to all immortals, beckoning them to die so that all of Medievia may live. Bberke headed toward it, but the numbers of glee filled immortals was so great that in his weakened state he had little chance of landing the killing blow and securing the ball for himself.

Bberke knew not how nor why, but he knew to hold the ball was power, fae and gold. Calling to him Bberke pursued it until the constant battles had him covered with blood and sweat, but always a smile on his face. Days went by when the thought of holding the ball buzzed in Bberke's mind, but he was so tired, too tired to chase it anymore, but still it burned his pride that he had not held it.

After a raid of the Temple of Bloodstone and emerging from the silver shrine, Bberke felt the pull of the ball renewed. A comrade said to him, "I want to go fae balling", and Bberke knew, once again, he would not rest that day until the ball was his. Lorton held the ball near Ranger's Cabin benefiting from the ball's increased gold creation quality while on a road.

Shaundom and Hylis accompanied Bberke (all of The Righteous clan) through the wilderness chasing the ball. Slashing wildly at Lorton, who was so burdened by the ball's powerful magic that he ran as if carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders, staggering and out of breath. Shaundom smashed Lorton into pieces only to have Lorton minutes later stab him to death.

Just as quickly the three members of the Righteous knifed down Lorton again, allowing Bberke to scream in terror and glee as the ball was finally bound to him. Moments later Bberke felt rather foolish for in his haste to run he stumbled into an area the fae ball could not stand to be constricted by, an inhabited area of the wilderness, causing the fae ball to burst from his hands and land a distance away.

With luck Bberke retrieved the ball and held onto it for almost thirty minutes only to have Lorton end his run with several deft stabs to his spine. So, it shall continue, the hunter becomes the hunted, over and over, feeding the fae ball with immortal blood forever more.


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