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by Bberke

The town members of The Seventh Circle had been detected within the ominous hallways carved into the halls of Demonforge, the festering sore of the purest evil, continually festering and pouring its molten hatred bubbling with contempt for all that is good and holy. It was a bad bad place, worse than the privy in Bloodstone temple. Here there was no ultra soft spaceballs toilet paper to snuggle with before your ass is chomped off and handed to you.

Bberke, a recent addition, had just finished slaying the huge black guy who was really mean. It was because he was mean that Bberke and his allies killed the man. The Righteous and their town brothers of The Seventh Circle would suffer no meanies, not even ones hiding in a remote volcano on the edge of the protected Vryce land.

In a violent snap of terror, Talocarian of the clan Presence appeared, raising his hands and turning Bberke into really, really, tiny pieces of dust. Infinitely tiny pieces of dust. Despite being turned to dust, Bberke's clanmates turned with a ferocious vengeance never before witnessed in Medievia. The Righteous and The Seventh Circle quickly realized Talocatian must be extremely fragile having just done between eight hundred and a thousand damage through the sanctuary spell with his spell of malediction. Of course! He would only have a few hundred hit points. An easy kill for any hero of the top ranked order party clan in the land. Within seconds of Bberke death, he was risen from the dead and Talocarian emitted a distinguished death cry as his form was scattered with the hands of wind spell and a proficient hand kindly placed along and jagged length of steel in his back. Bberke rushed alongside his comrades and the sinister Presence was banished from the magical lava mountain.

As the last of the dastardly goons of Presence fled, Bberke found he was suddenly unable to move at all and towering above him was the familiar face of the necromancer, stealing Bberke's soul for whatever perverted purpose the Necromancer had in mind. Also, towering next to the necromancer was the legendary warrior of Demonforge whose name is too evil to repeat here. In terrible moment of clarity Bberke knew the only truth of his last few moments was his death and all else was a comedic delusion.

When Bberke's body was turned into dust his allies were quick to take immediate action. Following the command of their leader all of Bberke's allies chanted the powerful magical words transporting them far far away and leaving Bberke dead. "Oh well," thought Bberke ,"this is just grave player killer, nothing can happen to me here." But deep down Bberke knew better, This was Demonforge, nothing nice happened here. Acting with an admirable celerity Frostblood had lured the the great and terrible warrior of Demonforge to Bberke's corpse.

Instantly Bberke's belongings were transported into a pile of bones where all those foolish enough to wonder into Demonforge were deposited. Here the protection of the gods could not reach and Presence managed to procure a demonforge dragonscale belt, a Kirin's hoof, and a portable hole before the Necromancer's magic transported Bberke back to the City of Medievia granting him relief from whatever more violations Presence had planned for him.


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