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Team CPK
by Bberke

The gods called for willing mortals to test an alternative existence and I answered the call. Myself and thirteen others gathered in the parallel dimension known as the test port to allow the gods to see their latest creation in action. An arena like none other before it had been built in the cosmos between lands known as Medlink. Prior to this day there had been no way of containing the Chaos that ensued when teams of killers matched their strengths and strategies against one another.

Today was a different day. Today not two but fourteen bloodthirsty murderers lined the halls of Medlink in preparation for the most orderly of Chaotic duels. The gods aided us mortals providing us with various scrolls and potions to ensure that the battle would be an interesting one. Librams of powerful magic and ancient scrolls of divine healing power appeared in our hands as we prepared to do battle. In this dream world there was no law as when all was done and the blood of our foes had turned the halls slick we would awaken to the real, suffering no ill fate as a result of the chaos we encountered.

This arena was one of precaution and grandeur. To enter we were required to present bloody objects representing our impending doom to a cloaked figure who questioned us as to our willingness to die and be betrayed by those we trusted. There was no doubt that when we arrived in the Chaos Arena there would be no truth, no love, or hate, only a lust for blood and power the likes of which spawned our tortured existence.

Though this was an arena of chaos it occurred in a dream where nothing truly was at stake. Teams were chosen and battle ensured, but there was no value in the deaths that followed. There was only fleeting satisfaction in the killing of our foes and only mild disappointment expressed towards our own demise. This arena of Chaos allowed one to choose the level of one's risk and whether the powerful elementals could be summoned.

When the match was over there was much discussion concerning one key element of the current incarnation of the arena, teleportation. As it was, combatants could use scrolls of teleport both defensively and offensively, but only in rooms where someone had already died. The usual self-cast spell of teleport was also available given the same condition. This added to the complexity of such a game, allowing entire teams to flee the arena once a comrade or foe had died.

Whatever the final arena looks like it will be awesome if it is anything like what was experienced today. Every time the arena is entered it takes the form of some other place in the realm, similar to Hellripper, making knowledge of all of Medievia important to success. There were hopes expressed of a delayed Mindlink, and wagering on the battles to increase the sport of such competitions, but this reporter believes it is likely that the arena that does reach our waking world will not be much different then what was experienced today and we mortals should be thankful for that.


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