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The Coral Wand
by Bberke

Bberke ran back and forth in the magical cavern hidden below the floorboard in the Fire Giants Keep repeatedly casting magic missile at the mage hero known as Kwein. His mind raced as he gauged Kwein's defense, would Kwein's allies show up? Would several heroes move likes shadows through these caves waiting for the right moment to rush him? It seemed Kwein knew backup would not be necessary.

The walls of the cavern seemed to close in on Bberke who kept looking for a crow's nest to climb up to. Other skills would have to be employed than those useful on a Man O' War. He focused his outer awareness on his surroundings every few moments as he ran up and down the precarious stone walkways that lead to and from the three masters of the Keep. Kwein showed no weakness keeping his mirror images up and giving Bberke no chance to land a square backstab.

Letting out a grunt, Bberke flew for a last time down the pathway and stabbed wildly at Kwein's numerous images. All but one image vanished and Bberke did his best to plant his dagger true, but Kwein was ready. Without hesitation Kwein activated his coral wand, stolen from the new evil that has awakened within the very keep where the two heroes fought. Bberke's layers of protection melted away and with his forward momentum leaving him considerably off balance, Kwein chanted the words of power and turned Bberke into so much dust.

Fire Giants Keep has a new villain in residence, a lich hidden deep within the cavern where only the bravest adventurers dare go. The three masters hold the key to finding the lich who has some interesting and useful equipment for the savvy adventurer. Be careful, for as always one arrogant thrust can lead to an adventurer's death.


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