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Clanrank Split
by Bberke

Chaos and Order clans finally have a hard, coded difference between them. Before, Chaos and Order meant little except that supposedly a clan was more oriented towards chaotic game play or pk per say. Now those clans' ranks are going to be decided differently, motivating clans to choose designation that matches their playing style, if they wish to gain the coveted hp bonus and pride of being a high ranking clan.

As a result of the opposing clan rank standards, most order clans have moved up three or four ranks, while most Chaos clans now find themselves among the top ten in their ranking system simply because they are so few in number. This makes it tempting to turn a clan to Chaos simply for the immediately higher hp bonus, however in the long run this would prove unwise for any truly orderly clan.

It is possible the rank of Chaos party clans will be decided by some of the riskier activities in the game, such as CPK mobfactions and other activities of the like. However, Vryce has taken a firm stance on how if at all there will be CPK oriented ranks, his way or not at all is his familiar motto, but the is usually only his response to those who forget to show the respect. Those familiar with the backroom politics of Medievia know some changes have made their way in when many would think them unlikely to happen under such a domineering administration.


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