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Clan Comparison 34/76
by Bberke

This week I'm comparing two clans. I don't believe these clans could be more different while having the same core values of fairness and having fun. I sent both clans the same list of questions and their responses are unedited by me. They have had a chance to edit their responses before my final submission. The purpose of juxtaposing their responses is to show the different personalities and styles of play we bring to the game.

Have, have you been leader of your clan since it's conception? If not who was?

  • No, I don't know. (Marikasha 34)

  • Yes (Trithalos 76)

    What influenced the clan to be built?

  • I don't know. (Marikasha 34)

  • A small collection of friends who wanted to see what they could do if pitted against the entire mud. (Trithalos 76)

    Who were the founders of your clan?

  • Again no clue. (Marikasha 34)

  • Trithalos, Hokuto, Vorpaxis, Taikus, Tildabuilda, Nquadroa, Tleil, Brahmus, Mordegast, Velan Zenic, Malaki, Murghen, Ojom, Wew, Wek, Elander, Coren, Flixx, Poxiq, Cirion, Axtrica, Trideth, Krogh, Rzael joined for the first summer (Trithalos 76)

    How did you come to know these people?

  • I didn't, I randomly ended up deciding to give the clan a chance when the former co-leader asked me to give the clan a try. Turns out, they weren't half bad. (Marikasha 34)

  • We were all in Fate, Temple of the Triple Aspect or some sort together for a long time. (Trithalos 76)

    What are some of the best moments in your clan?

  • Everyday. We aren't an overly triumphant clan, nor do we as a clan claim to be. But I would have to say the most miraculous thing that comes from it is having a chunk of people who can log on and joke, or turn to some one with out a skeptical eye being cast. Since it is like that every day, then I suppose it is always one of the best days. (Marikasha 34)

  • Taking a 22 member clan and dominating the most challenging aspect of the game with the best set of ideals, teamwork, and respect I've ever seen within a clan. Every cpk was split equally among those involved. Then preserving those ideals on fairness and equality throughout the life of clan. The whole workings of the clan were quite amazing. Everyone was equal, then there was a Council of 10 people who made leadership decisions. There were several times the clan was thriving and active when I didn't even log in for months. It was never based around 1 person, was really quite an amazing environment to be a part of. Destroying Carlmon's Fate in Bloodstone that first summer completely out manned. Going Summer after, Hokuto and Vorpaxis decided to get 60hp rank one day. Two days later it was accomplished. Icing 10 people in 1 round with Fireball in Firegiants was pretty funny. Hunting down Xaith(on Georock) in two days, who had obtained our clanny Orcist's set when he fell in Alps, stripping him and sending all the eq right back to Orcist. Icing Nyeddan in Atlantis as planned. Icing Yanguo in Rhaiden was neat. 7 manning a dragon lair. (Trithalos 76)

    Worst moments?

  • Can't really think of any worst group moments. (Trithalos 76)

  • I cannot put my finger on it, nor do I wish to. We have always overcome the issues that were put before us in stride. There was never a thing that thoroughly threatened the livelihood of the clan. Just an insignificant outside ego here and there. (Marikasha 34)

    Did you ever want your clan to be rank 1, was rank important to you, was being the best important to you?

  • Myself, no. I don't put worth on a number. I see a functional enjoyable/enjoyed clan as one of the top clans. This clan seems to be one of the longer running clans that have not died because of its consistency in ideology. Oddly enough we have maintained the same general rank since the time I have taken over lead, which I believe is about the right rank for us to have in the number scale. We could do better or worse however what we do now is play for fun and this seems the natural rank that comes to us when we play that way. (Marikasha 34)

  • Having fun was the most important aspect. We were #1 rank a few times but only because we thought it would be fun to see if we could achieve it. (Trithalos 76)

    It's obvious from clanrank that your clan has slowed down since its

  • My bias to this question stands in the way of answering perhaps in the most conventional manner. Activity is a relevant term. Irregardless of my beliefs others don't share them, but, as long as I have been leading clan there have been minor downtimes during holidays and a few times when I went on vacation. Otherwise we have been fairly active by my standards. (Marikasha 34)

  • The thrill and fun of CPK has vanished. Med has become too much routine/work without as much reward in terms of fun for our types of players. Most have moved on to different games, different areas in life. The few that are still active had to join more active clans in order to receive enjoyment from med. (Trithalos 76)

    What sort of med player would fit into your clan now?

  • Hmm.. in regards to interest- one who is interested in doing things with others or leading things with others. Trading and shipping are a massive part of our current clan activities, but I believe we wouldn't hurt with a few eq runners. I don't think cpkers would fit into the clan, we are laid back and enjoy things that aren't rushed in a more literal sense, so the cpkers would get bored. In regards to personality- some one who doesn't mind the occasional violence in the name of shipping. And some one who is perhaps laid back enough to realize things are different here and there.. (Marikasha 34)

  • Retired ones. (Trithalos 76)

    Do you ever want to see your clan rise in the ranks again?

  • What do you mean again?! We never fell in ranks! (Marikasha 34)

  • Rise of Mayhem is more than likely done forever. There isn't room in Medievia for our style to work anymore. (Trithalos 76)

    Please give us as detailed and lively a history of your clan as possible.

    Not my department there, I don't believe anything is defined by its past just the present and future. I hear from most players I encounter that clan 34 was one of their first clans on med. (Marikasha 34)

    Added comments::

    Our clan tends to be fairly invisible in the eyes of the others. It's true that the larger clans get much more recognition than the smaller clans, likewise the miniature battles that go on between the smaller clans are ignored and deemed insignificant. No matter how paramount they may be to us as a smaller clan. The victories we have taken over the years (I can say more-so for the year or so I have lead) are, in short... necessary. I would like to say it is always understood in the order of things that this is simply a game, or that it's a competitive game at that. But I cannot. Other clans that we are rivaling with may feel differently about our actions. I can say, despite our place in the order of things that our clan can firmly grasp the concept of competition with-in the game, and still find that we maintain friendships with those we compete against. I would hope to see the same of others in our endeavors, but cannot speak for them with confidence. After all, everything is a choice. However flawed our choice may be in retrospect, there was a choice made. We as a clan have our ups and downs but we all choose to look past that and remain loyal to each other, as well as remaining loyal to the enjoyable competitive spirit of the game and continue to attempt to lay the groundwork as a solid clan. (Marikasha 34)

  • Three summers ago we were founded, a branch mostly off of Fate. We had a 22 member clan throughout the entire summer and focused on CPK'ing against the odds. Through luck, skill, and courage we found success. When school started in the Fall, we went inactive as we planned. Winter break came and we revived, once again doing the same thing but with a slightly different line up. School came again, and again went into recession. Following summer, once again we revived, this time under Hokuto/Vorpaxis leadership and membership was increased. Domination of the game was the goal and thats what we did. They took #1 hp rank in two days just for fun. That fall a falling out occured between Vorpaxis and leadership over clan ideals. He went and formed the Outlaw Legion. Most of the 76 members left for that gradually or retired for school. Last summer we had a small revival that started due to the rumor that V would delete clans who were not in a town. We struggled to find a town and luckily became paired up with Fate, both of our ideals were simple. To simply exist. That summer was a frustrating season as we struggled to have success, activity, or do anything due to the combination of low #'s and no where in cpk. However, we were able to pull off probably our greatest feat ever with the infamous Fireball in Firegiants Keep which slayed 10 people in one round. Currently we idle, chat, run for politics, and boast the highest purged player roster. (Trithalos 76)
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