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Take a Breath
by Bberke

A lot more panting has been heard recently in the land of Medievia. This panting is not the panting of zealous lovers or the pantsing of youths who lack the sense to wear a belt, this is the panting of those who brave the wilderness pulling along a mule. Traders have slowed down considerably, finding it necessary to pause more often to take a breath as they venture across the dangers, be they the jungles north of Lyryanoth or the Dark Woods that border the Dark Sea, traders have found it more difficult to fill their purses.

It appears the some strange and undoubtabley evil force has drained the stamina from the magical clothing such traders would wear in their pursuit of a well-oiled economy. Such magical clothing combined with boots fashioned from ruby dragonhide would previously allow most adventurers dedicated to trading goods to run from the port of Mystara to Naeramae faster than a Sitharon with a 40 knot wind, emerald kah, griffins and well you get the point. Those traders are fast ... I mean they were fast.

The strength of stamina magic has decreased throughout the realm. Magical devices and clothing that once were easy to obtain have become extremely rare driving the price of those artifacts well above the previous standard. Those who once prided themselves on being the fastest trader in the land are faced with new challenges as they must constantly explore and work harder than ever before to maintain dominance over the other adventurers. Good luck to everyone and let us hope this blight on stamina magic comes to a quick end.


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