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October 12, 2008

Bloody Clams
by Bberke

The immortals of Medievia had been searching for a way to gather frae and stae in large quantities when the first break through was made. One hero skilled in dragon flight and filled with courage made an important breakthrough. Kirius circled over the fae clam attempting to discover a way of landing upon the giant clam when the magic of the clam itself pulled his dragon downward . Before he could consider fighting his descent, he found himself standing on top of the fae clam. Across the land Kirius was praised, for he was the first of the immortals to solve the first mystery of the clams.

Yet, the widely accepted chronicle leaves out one key fact. Brief moments after Kirius landed Bberke followed. He hoped to be first and on his face was the deepest of scowls when he landed within the clam to find Kirius there before him. Filled with a dark rage Bberke lashed out at Kirius slitting the unsuspecting immortal's throat with a single flick of his dagger of Terroien. Kirius, then was both the first immortal to land on a fae clam and the first to die in one.

Bberke's lust for blood may have made an impression upon the baby clams just then born within the giant clam. As quickly as the blood of Kirius ran down the gullet of the clam the baby fae clams attacked Bberke. The clams ripped at Bberke's flesh with an ferocity unlike that of any crustacean or shell fish known before. Reeling from the attack of the clams Bberke incanted a spell of teleport sending himself to the shores of the Sea of Infinity.

Wiping off his blade, Bberke recovered and flew back into the air in hopes of learning more about the dangerous creatures. As is told in the great chronicle, the heroes of Medievia continued to land on various clams until it was discovered that killing the babies inside increased the amount of frae or stae that was puked up upon the land by the clams when they bashed into the shore.


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