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An Avatar Moment
by Bberke

Adventurers new to the realm often have no clue how to make it on their own when they first arrive. The outskirts of the City of Medievia might appear daunting to someone who has spent their entire life in the center of the city, never dreaming they might one day experience the calling to venture off into lands far away and battle (or help) the forces of evil. Without the aid of more experienced adventurers some might not gather the courage to become heroes.

Duke Eriathan, a Mage with the Avatars of Justice Clan, is one who has been recruited by the gods to be an Avatar. The gods for as long as I can remember encouraged knowledgeable heroes to help those who are still wet behind the ears. These days such heroes are Avatars like Eriathan.

On this day Eriathan made it his goal to do a trade run from Riverton to New Ashton with the aid of some members of the New Adventurers' Guild (NAG). Another Hero and I accompanied him on the educational journey through the basics of making gold as a traveling merchant. Eriathan made a general announcement on the NAG channel and before long he was leading two new adventurers, a reporter, and a fellow hero towards the stables as he told the group about Appaloosas and the inns that sold them.

Our journey was a mixture of danger well-suited for our ability and helpful tips from Eriathan. As we battled several bands of centaurs, Eriathan would always gently remind us to remount our Appaloosas whenever a Centaur would knock us off. He told us how if lost the creatures at the intersections of major roads would tell us which way a particular place was. When our group was sucked into fire demon hell he spent a moment explaining how death was impossible, for the moment, and then quickly went about dispatching the monsters of hell.

The run went well. If a new adventurer died, the formation resurrected him. If someone whisked or forgot their mount, we waited patiently until they were ready. Eriathan never lost his patience with the ignorance of our comrades and was an excellent representative of all Avatars and the realm itself. We arrived at New Ashton and sold our freight for over a million gold each. Afterwards Eriathan took one of the new adventurers to the pirate ship of Captain Amos to collect pearl bracelets before departing.


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