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August 23, 2008

The Story of Medievia - A Rough Beginning
by Antons

The story begins at approximately 11:00 game-time on the busy Friday night of August 22, 2008. As the Khrait launched their invasion upon the mainland, so began the loss of the once peaceful Medievian seas. The brunt of the attack lasted nearly 4 hours and resulted in the loss of many fine captains and their ships. In total 17 Man O'Wars were lost to the Khrait invaders, (listed in the order they sunk): The Silver Peregrine, Stardust, Sylmare, Firefly, Golden Peregrine, Venia Fortuna, Blood and Fire, The Transcendence of IO, Entropy, Ludicrous Speed, Obsidian Pearl, Knights Endless Wrath, Tempest, The White Wind, Defiance, Trifle Off Course, Passive Aggressive.

The good news is that these fearless captains did not die in vain but will live on in memory as those who staved off the invasion of 45 khrait Sitharons. These included in the order they were sunk: Fsoin Jokar Qu, Sillo Rowel Ra, Shademp Seo Wa , Vasokui Jokar Wa, Zu Honoron Si, Shademp Seo Qu, Tremerald Wa, Mushina Zaa Si, Blaz Jokar Vu, Siponik Vu, Tanigere Zaa Ra, Shademp Seo Xo, Tanigere Zaa Qu, Tremerald Qu, Vasokui Jokar Qu, Sillo Rowel Ty, Qu Silon Ty, Vasokui Jokar Si, Siponik Zi, Blaz Jokar Xo, Fsoin Jokar Wa, Vasokui Jokar Xo, Qu Gorath Vu, Shademp Seo Ty, Mushina Zaa Vu, Rivenel Satar Ya, Qu Boknon Seo Wa, Siponik Ya, Gouili Wizerb Si, Qu Seilli Xo, Za Weopig Wa, Za Weopig Si, Tremerald, Mushina Zaa Qu, Tanigere Zaa Ya, Gouili Wizerb Po, Za Weopig Zi, Vasokui Jokar Ra, Tremerald Si, Pdion Jokar Xo, Gouili Wizerb Qu, Wen Weopig Vu, Zu Honoron Po, and Vasokui Jokar Ya.

One ship was lured away during the battle and captured by Ferral and Antons, and the echo sounded across the land as the victory was complete.. Antons has captured Qu Gorath Po for The Righteous! That closes out this first encounter with the powerful and aggressive Khrait that wish to take over our lands. Only time will tell if we were truly victorious or if we simply won one of many small battles to come; allowing them to regroup and strike again.


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