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DragonSlayers Unite!
by Antons

It was late Saturday night, and the heroes of Medievia were restless. The members of clan 15, clan 51 and clan 10 were out looking for some equipment to run. Just then a challenge was issued "You hear Iamoth, the ruby dragon shout, 'I fart in your general direction!'."

We quickly answered back by getting 3 forms together and a lot of healing items. Showing up for the adventure were: Alkith, Antons, Asiamou, Azador, Cadence, Cyrkonis, Dhakel, Exmortius, Ginio, Hosek, Idzol, Illitic, Janzen, Kaytlin, Koin, Megara, Mvemsun, Naia, Polox, Rakeesh, Shazia, Sibyl, Sjif, Suzunagi, Thaygen, Vidakon, Xarmatrix. Totaling 27 players comprised of: 14 Mages, 6 Thieves, 5 Clerics, and 2 Warriors.

The first pass was met with great resistance as the dragon proc'd again and again. Naia hit a clutch bloodbath, but we were unable to flee it, leaving it at small wounds and bruises. (76%-82%). A plague had been successful and a second pass would be needed. The second pass ended in mass death as the dragon proc'd twice upon entry. A third pass would be attempted with a lot more success leaving the dragon at grimacing in pain. (48%-54%), but still not fled. A forth pass would be needed to push the dragon out of his lair, and the timer was getting dangerously close to running out.

So we rushed back down and attacked it pushing it from the lair with less than 2 minutes on the timer. A moment was taken for the timer to reset, and for all to spell-up. It was quickly pushed from its lair and headed for the nearest clantown. Upon arriving at the clantown he taunted us further by saying, "You hear Iamoth, the ruby dragon shout, 'Mmmm, fresh meat!', and "You hear Iamoth, the ruby dragon shout, 'Yum! Yum! Treat! Treat! Murghen murghen good to eat!'."

We responded by wave after wave of damage, followed usually by massive death due the dragon proc-ing repeatedly. After what seemed to be 10-15 passes and many deaths later the dragon was looking pretty awful (29%-35%), with only 5 minutes on the timer. We had one last pass to try and kill it, unfortunately upon entering the room we were hit with a double proc, and most instantly died, leaving this dragon alive and flying into the distance to fight another day.


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