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August 23, 2008

A-Ruby We Will Go
by Antons

After an uneventful day of running experience and equipment with my clannies I settled down to a nice cup of warm chocolate milk, and started pondering which movie I should watch as I fell asleep. Just then Mortalengine says to me, "Hey Antons why don't you run this ruby lair real quick". I responded, "RUBY LAIR WHAT", as I hadn't even realized that a ruby lair was on the dragon-list.

As it was getting quiet it was harder than usual to fill the lair, and several spam linkings of old friends would be needed to fill the lair. We started making our way through the lair thinking we would have no problem doing the dragon in one pass.

With rubies now being undead we found that our plagues were quite ineffective, so we started spamming shockwave and staffing. I had reminded everyone to cast protection from lightning and fire prior to going into the beasts' chamber. Lucky I did because almost immediately the mighty beast roared and let out two enormous fire procs searing our skin away as the flames burned the flesh from our bones. BAM...Both forms died almost immediately, and the dragon was showing little sign of being flee-able.

The situation looked grim as we returned to the lair with only 45 minutes left on the timer. We raced down to the third level of the lair and again readied ourselves to take on the enormous ruby dragon. This time I broke out the big bronze staffs and prepared to spam staff while everyone else spammed shockwave. Again, the dragon billowed forth a huge cone of fire throwing people from the room up and to the south. I staffed and staffed again hoping it would be enough to do the job. My two forms' shockwaves deflected time and time again, proving this dragon would not leave his lair quietly. Again, I spam staffed with all my might and the dragon was getting low enough to flee. As it decided to flee it let forth one last 1000 damage proc and killed the entire form, or so I thought.

Just then Skyblade entered the room as he had been thrown south from the fight. He just so happened to run a few further south in searching of the ongoing battle. He realizing that he had gone the wrong way just as the fire proc engulfed the area, saving his life. Fortunately he happened to have a couple stone elementals (always a good idea to have), that he was able to use to conjure elementals and resurrect the form leaders, saving the day.

The dragon was quickly pushed the rest of the way from his lair and fleed to clantown 21 without much of a struggle. Once there it put up quite a fight however moving from room to room without very much damage being done to it. As the timer ran down it appeared to me that we might fail the dragon so I again pulled out the big staffs and healed my form for one last attempt to pound the dragon dead. It worked well and we were quickly ready to go for a last pass. We took the dragon from 22% to dead relatively quickly, and defeated the mighty beast without further incident.


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