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There Be Pirates In These Waters!
by Antons

As more captains feel they are up to the challenge, ship battles are on the rise. In the past two days there have been several ship battles, and I was fortunate enough to be at two of them.

I got wind that clan 34's ship Cloaked Fury was under attack from clan 99's ship The Angel of Vengeance. I quickly flew in and grappled their ship the first chance I had. With the combined efforts of several town 5er's and town 34er's we quickly captured their ship, leaving only two stragglers. The 99er's then made it their mission to sink us by engaging us to serpents and firing from ship to ship.

After a little thought, I told everyone over chat to ungrapple Cloaked leaving the 99er's trapped on Cloaked Fury, so that The Angel of Vengeance could be repaired, as it was close to sinking. All deckhands were ordered to repair and pump, and the damage was quickly repaired, and the 99ers killed / planked.

The next day I again got wind of one of 34's ships getting picked on, this time clan 68's ship Breath of the Dying was firing on clan 34's crippled ship Za Qua Deor. It was rumored this was taking place just south east of Sea's End, so i quickly headed to the scene. Once on board 34's ship I could see it would soon sink, and decided to go get the newly captured Angel of Vengeance.

Once arriving within range of 68's man of war, the volleys began flying. Volley after volley; splinters of wood flying everywhere, with both ships critically damaged. I turned my deckhands to 100% repairing, knowing that my ship would soon fill with water, but also knowing i needed my guns repaired if I wanted to win the fight. Turning away from them gave me just enough time to get my guns repaired to medium. With my guns repaired I could now fire on them, eventually sending them to Davy Jone's Locker!


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