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A Pirate's Life For Me (AKA Shipping with Shrefwan and Antons)
by Antons

The citizens of Medievia were restless and demanded shipping; Shrefwan answered by leading a ship into battle with several large serpents. After many serpents met their demise at the hands of the fearless crew of the High Seas, Khrait were triggered and the fun began. The Khrait summoned three ships against the crew of the High Seas, but they proved no match as they were fired upon again and again with little retaliation. The first two ships quickly sank and the final ship was captured for clan 58. The High Seas is one of Medievias' oldest ships and has now captured well over 13 million fae. Although Shrefwan had to leave for the day, the crew still wanted more serpents so I (Antons) was called into action. The Defiant, 22's flagship, was pulled out of dock, and the crew changed ships.

The fearless crew of the Defiant quickly made their way to hazardous waters, and were met by two baby serpents and a humongous dragon headed ruby whale with serpent tails. The two baby serpents were quickly killed, but the humongous ruby wasn't as easy. After what seemed to be an eternity the ruby serpent was finally killed, and over 2000 serpent points and 200,000 fae awarded. Another serpent was quickly triggered, this time only a massive ruby one. It found itself in the sights of the sharpshooters aboard the Defiant and was quickly killed.

Having over 400,000 fae aboard, two Khrait attack ships appeared. Having fired three on-the-beam volleys at the first Khrait ships' rigging, it was quickly grappled. Upon firing three more volleys at the Khrait crew; Terate's form boarded to slay the enemy Khrait. After several trips to Davy Jones Locker they successfully killed all Khrait on board and captured the ship for Clan 22. Liastele with the help of Vuzha took the ship safely to Sea's End while I battled on with the other Khrait ship.

Unfortunately Clan 9 showed up just in time to bank the second Khrait ship, with only half the original crew aboard the Defiant. I decided that Clan 9 would be allowed to have the ship, and Defiant called a sea dragon back to Sea's End, where it was also safely docked.

A note from me (Antons) to all other captains: Khrait ships are a bit easier than people think. First, their rigging needs to be destroyed, and using the command from the crow's nest you can see the condition of their ship's rigging. Cast harm's way on the ship if your intent is to sink it. While you're firing on their rigging, it's also a great time to take the fight to safe waters for several reasons. Once their ship is grappled you'll be stuck where you are until you can ungrapple it. As soon as it's grappled, a few volleys of is a good idea, as it will make killing them easier for the boarding party. Once on board the formleader sets a meeting point and the form meets to go up the mast and capture the ship. Once captured, a captain is appointed, and mermaids blessing is cast. This will allow the boarding party enough time to kill the remaining Khrait and repair/pump the damaged ship.


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