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Khrait Killers of Medievia
by Antons

Once again the valiant crew aboard the mighty Defiant took to the seas to rid Medievia of the sea serpent infestation near Sea's End. After battling several serpents the fae onboard the Defiant climbed to above 450,000. Captain Antons knew he would need additional help and asked on current event for more people to request the Defiant. All Medievians were invited and about fifteen more boarded, bring the total to just over thirty-five people on board. This was a tad smaller than the usual complement for such an outing, but worked nonetheless.

Not the usual Krait attack of two or three ships; the DM saw decided to pop four Khrait Sitharons, which attacked almost immediately. The first of two ships captured, Sillo Rowel Po was quickly grappled and captured by Antons while Noelio took over calling the shots, and several clan 22ers afk-ed in the hull. While Antons was gone capturing it, Noelio had managed to sink both the Sillo Rowel Ya, and the Sillo Rowel Wa, with volley after volley of firing at their hulls. This left only one ship left to capture.

The first ship Sillo Rowel Po had already been captured by Antons and was quickly un-grappled, and anchored. It was under heavy fire, drawing most of fire away from the Defiant. It was lost due to the massive amount of damage taken, but had saved the Defiant from sinking by giving the crew the time needed to repair their guns. The money had already been looted from its chest and only 225,000 fae was lost.

The second ship Sillo Rowel Ra had over 400,000 fae aboard and was added to clan 22's list of ships. Over 1.5 million fae was turned in on the run, and both the Sillo Rowel Ra and the Defiant returned safely to dock.

In a recent talk with Vryce it was learned that workers are coming very soon, and will help repair and pump ships dry. This will allow for less of a crew and possibly town/clan only outings, and should level the playing field vs the Khrait. With ship trading coming, workers on the ship will be invaluable.


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