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Adventures at Sea vs Clan 9 and Khrait
by Antons

It was a dark gloomy night as the Dawn of Hell headed out to once more rid the world of the serpents that dwell deep within the dark oceans of Medievia. Leading the voyage was Captain Namphus, his co-pilot Antons, and Tonks calling the shots.

Tonks has made quite a name for himself as one of the best serpent/Khrait shot-callers in the game. He comments "It's always a challenge to get people to fire together in volley" and "It's so hard to capture Khrait because they target your sails".

Many small, massive, and gigantic serpents tried to spoil their plans, but finally they were facing 2 enemy Khrait ships. Their crew of brave Medievians included: Thaddeus, Didalos, Megara, Dhakel, Karril, Thalesia, Liono, Hexlyd, Rolina, Orlha, Xezer, Jarran, Cherek, Liastele, Valibar, Aedaline, Xaaxacus, Vyker, Crazto, Lograk, Iceyne, Kwert, Hrodrik, and Rocrax.

The Sitharon Qu Boknon Seo Ya was fired upon and grappled after a few volleys of targeting their sails. Once grappled by the Dawn of Hell, the Khrait ship was fired upon repeatedly, targeting the crew. The boarding party lead by Antons quickly attempted to kill the remaining Khrait left aboard the Qu Boknon Seo Ya. During their attempts to kill the Khrait, Clan 9 approached the area with their Sitharon, the Qu Gorath Wa, via sea-dragon.

The Dawn of Hell was at least 50 rooms away from safe waters, and still grappled to the Qu Boknon Seo Ya, giving them little chance of running into safe waters. After several volleys, 9's Sitharon was moderately damaged, and fled the scene to make repairs. Once repairs were completed they reentered the area and quickly grappled the Dawn of Hell. As most of the crew were still busy or dead aboard the Qu Boknon Seo Ya, the remaining crew stood no chance against the pk skills of Clan 9, and the Dawn of Hell was easily over-taken.

Clan 9 made repairs to the Dawn of Hell and it was returned to dock with 669,334 fae. The Sitharon Qu Boknon Seo Ya was also repaired and brought to dock with 443,781 fae. The Sitharon Gouili Wizerb Ya was sunk by 9's Sitharon, the Qu Gorath Wa, and the Khrait Scoutships were defeated at 12:51AM game time near 1292 x 1521. Some time later 9's Sitharon, the Qu Gorath Wa, was returned to dock with 80,679 fae.


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