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October 20, 2013

Iamoth is Dead!
by Antons

(Editor's Note: This was in the day after, I just couldn't get it published until now. ~Soleil)

10/1/2013 **The Dragon Iamoth has been slain!**

It was a long fought battle that ended in successfully icing the dragon that had plagued the fair citizens of Medievia for six and a half years. A couple of tense moments happened that made us wonder if he would actually die for example: Rzael raises a carved staff into the air. Pinpoints of light swirl quickly around Iamoth, the ruby dragon's body, forming a white aura, at clings.

>Iamoth, the ruby dragon barely clings to life. [1%-7%].

But just five passes later, Trithalos's pound kills Iamoth, the ruby dragon!

>ECHO: Iamoth, the ruby dragon is DEAD!!

The lair leaders included: Liono, Gnoden, Trithalos, Donacus.

In total 48 people showed up to help dispatch the evil dragon, listed in the order of my who -z: Rina, Andreb, Antons, Rarnox, Rakloc, Ludi, Kwahaes, Frostblood, Alakar, Koin, Liono, Burn, Jyl, Kue, Trithalos, Altaica-Altaika, Makaveli, Shakrihuzbrie, Fitstich, Rzael, Zultic, Xaxersic, Malaki, Zodac, Vladimyer, Murghen, Cyann, Daimonsorcio, Devarae, Donar, Tarasar, Varent, Timeant, Tantalen, Jeru-Phife, Ceranothyr, Langorth, Cownsu, Donacus, Surgo, Gnoden, Keylow, Argention, Rigil, Izzbish, Timsq, Nehrie-Odessia, Skraythrax.

[48] Total players visible to you [18]MAG [13]THI [6]CLE [11]WAR


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