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Fun in HellQuest
by Antons

It was a Monday night, and a check of all the decent equipment zones revealed nothing really had loaded that was worth running. The heroes of Medievia decided to set out and attempt to beat HellQuest. Lead by Antons, with the guidance of Ameha, Deicideius, Qio, Janzen, Lauder, Merlo, Meka, and Zercange, we set off. A rumor had been circulating that day two of HellQuest would soon be open, and we decided having the day one trophy would be a good idea to have, along with the medal and glory.

Day one consists of the first five levels of hell and follows the layout of Dante's Inferno. It soon proved to be a harder task than originally thought, and it took us about 45 minutes just to clear all the mobs on the first level. After attaining the three keys necessary to get to level two, we found the gate to get into the citadel (the entrance to level two). However, the gate wouldn't open, and after much thought we prayed. Calrog appeared to save the day and fixed the linking so that we could proceed.

Once on level two, we killed tons more mobs and tried to figure out what to do next. One boss-mob had been discovered, and it loaded a piece of equipment that provided one member of our form with "Fly". It turns out that's exactly what was needed to proceed, and only one member could lure the mobs to the form to ice them. I proceeded to lure the mobs out and quickly got pummeled to death, in what appeared to be a five-round lag spike that my whole form experienced. :(

We decided to call it a day as we were now self-banked, and decided to bring two forms next time.


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