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July 2, 2013

Godzilla Strikes Again!
by Antons

On the 31st Day of the Month of Sin, Year 548 (June 9th 22:24pm) Godzilla struck the peaceful city of Medievia. Such an event had not taken place since May 21st 2008 when Godzilla attacked the peaceful city of Trellor.

Antons, Vainge, Rina, Urikron, Merellie, Zodac, Burn, Kaos, and many others responded within minutes to defend the beautiful city. The battle for the city lasted roughly thirty minutes with several heroes falling to their deaths. The monster was eventually slain by the team of heroes with Kaos getting the final death blow. The equipment looted was indeed worth the half hour fight, and 3 bananas were rewarded to the victors!

a sharpened banana - Lev(31) Loc(wield) AC DAG BSER !RENT 7d7 NoBits hr(7) dr(7) Cond(pristine - 185 Days)


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