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Godzilla(tm) attacks the peaceful city of Trellor
by Antons

It was during the dark night of May 1st, 2008; the 24th Day of the Month of Dark Magick, Year 543. It was rumored that Godzilla would attack the peaceful town of Trellor. Antons had caught wind of the attack prior to it happening from the Vark commander who had overheard Lord Eswal plotting the attack with Damonius. It is rumored that several evil gods have been plotting to destroy peaceful cities throughout the land. As these rumors become reality it will become the responsibility of brave Medievians to fight back and save these cities from certain destruction.

A call was sent out over current event, chat, and the immortal channels for all Medievians to rally in the defence of the great city of Trellor. Only 11 brave Medievians showed up to fight off the beast at great personal risk to themselves including: Antons, Bassna, Chokana, Shardaras, Merex, Loran, Quinloc, Fraznik, Yhargo, Cao, and Dravin.

In over 10 minutes of fighting the beast had only managed to kill 6 players who were quickly resurrected. The mages in the form pounded with shockwaves as 3 mighty nemesis bows fired volleys left and right viciously rending the monster until it was finally pummelled to death with a mighty shockwave from Antons' mystical jewelled rings of Shangri La.

Antons' shockwave hits Godzilla(tm) with full force, causing an immediate death.

Godzilla(tm) is DEAD!! With Godzilla dead the city of Trellor is again safe from the evil beasts that wander the lands.

In a related story, Vryce was recently overheard talking with Pherrance, the Duke of Trellor who is now plotting his revenge against Lord Eswal and Damonius. It is rumored that Pherrance with the help of Vryce and a large Khrait invasion fleet, will launch be launching a large counter offensive against several port cities of Medievia in retaliation.


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