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Firegiants Brawl 12-19-06
by Antons

A bored Tuesday night around 11pm medtime, the heros of town 5 were restless. They decided to go looking for a fight, and they found one. It was discovered that 95 was staking Fire Giants Keep.

Quickly an assult was mounted and the rush began showing up. Fourteen (14) members of clan 32 and clan 5 showed up: Abullan, Aermac, Antons, Colatton, Dorlok, Maethos, Merlo, Radenmyer, Rakloc, Ruetar, Torrasque, Tyleste, Vanaryck, Vio.

Their numbers were quickly discovered and it looked bad for Town 5. Clan 95 and Clan 23 were there as expected, but they were with Clan 98 as well. In total they had Eighteen (18) members of their clans in place and ready: Denika, Duncus, Eloria, Frostblood, Hexlyd, Kaeodan, Kirius, Koraxis, Kwesicano, Phyriax, Ratnasambhaba, Sampira, Shalran, Tas, Thardaras, Xion, Zendrakeh, Zynx.

Despite being outnumbered town 5 emerged victorious.

End Result:

Eloria killed by Colatton.
Denika killed by Ruetar.
Zynx killed by Radenmyer.
Tas killed by Vanaryck.
Hexlyd killed by Ruetar.
Vio killed by Kwesicano.
Aermac killed by Tas.
Duncus killed by Tyleste.
Denika killed by Rakloc.


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