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Day of the DragonSlayer
by Antons

On Sunday July 23; in the early morning hours when boredom is at its peak, the heroes of Medievia decided there were too many dragons on the dragon-list. A challenge was posted on Immortal that the board should be cleared of all non-paralyze dragons. So Trixtax, Kharlo, Antons, and Markalodidon set out to clear the list. All Medievians were invited and the lairs seemed to fill rather quickly. The lairs also seemed to run smoother than normal; no problems were encountered that the two forms of heroes couldn't deal with. I'm not sure if this was a result of good leadership, or the result of me overstaffing, but the lairs ran smoothly nonetheless.

Kharlo seemed to run through the lairs flawlessly hitting only the blockers in his way. I (Antons) did the same following closely behind him trying not to hit any non-blockers myself. One of the things I like to say on Medievia is chance favors the prepared mind, and it just so happened I had all the required things to run successful lairs with me. On the green and black lairs, which procs poison, we had an orb of pain (mass remove poison) close at hand. As usual I brought plenty of red and white staffs for the all the people on the lair, and healing / crystal staffs for the lair leaders. Of course plenty of -saving breath eq is always a must, and a healthy douse of 1000+ hitpoints.

On the day a total 8 dragons were killed, leaving only a black dragon left alive. Nobody seemed to have the required map, so I ran a trade run from Lyryanoth to Karlisna, and quickly found the remaining black map. The remaining map was postponed until the next day as a result of massive requests for shipping; bringing the total death-count to nine dragons on the campaign.


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