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Dragonlair 101
by Antons

Ok here is the long awaited article about dragon-lairs. So many people have bugged me about writing it, that I finally sat down and did so. So here's the deal, dragon-lairs are easy to run. Yes they are very easy if you are prepared for them; "chance favors the prepared mind". With the advent of mapping, knowing the layout of lairs is not needed, and now anyone can lead them.

Gold, White, and Silver dragons will paralyze, and are referred to as para-lairs. Why would you run a para-lair when you don't need to? If you are going to do a para-lair than you should go to Arcadia in the winter part of the zone and get goggles off the hens, and get skates off the girls/boys. Both are -3 saving paralyze if max, and will help quite a bit. The game provides plenty of other -para gear, but Arcadia is perhaps the easiest to get.

Green and brass dragons will poison you, and having an orb of pain to cast mass remove poison on your forms is the key to success. An orb of pain can be found in the oak graveyard just west of the southern gates of Trellor, and is very easily attained.

Blue and Bronze dragons have lightening proc, and red and black dragons have fire proc. For all of them six to ten red and white staffs, or other small healing items should be used. It also might be a good idea to have a couple high power/ high charge healing items like a crystal staff or a healing staff on you.

Make sure you always give your forms good directions through cramped. They should include; direction, what you're killing, and if they should go down or not. A good example would be [Form] Antons says, 'follow path north, ice blockers only, down and refollow'. If you don't specify you'll have a mess on your hands, with some people killing everything, and some people going down, while others stay up and wait.

Upon sharing the dragon by typing "Dragon Attack" and then typing "Dragonlair 2.form leaders name", you should sanc the forms, and farsight the dragon to double check it has not fireshielded. After sancing the forms and ensuring the dragon isn't fireshielded don't forget to hold your healing item. It is also not recommended that you use the healing item by typing use held or use hold. Instead try typing use red or use healing, ensuring that you don't accidentally sanc the dragon, as many newbie lair-leaders do. If you do sanc the dragon you'll never live it down; your friends will never forget the time you sanc'd the dragon.


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