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August 20, 2012

CPK - Open for Business OR CPK - Lets do this!
by Antons

In recent years a decline in player base has been marked by a similar decline in chaotic player killing.

However in recent weeks I have saw a resurgence, and several brawls have taken place in Firegiants, Rhaiden, Bloodstone, and DMCPK. Several players stand out as simply having no fear of CPK among them in no particular order Zodac, Jeromia / Gumboldt, Tyleste, Donar, Sjif, Cyris. What is it that brings them into CPK? Is it the adrenalin rush or maybe the prospect of elite gear to be looted!?

Hopefully we will see continued brawls, and cooperation among allied clans which make these large number brawls possible.

It appears 9 and 69 are keeping things locked up pretty tight as usual, but the 5/16 + 56/6/79 + 13/29 unholy alliance as it has been dubbed has given them a fight for the rights to stake several prominent zones. Let us not forget about 76/2/22/18 - will they answer back and reclaim Firegiants for themselves!?


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