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September 14, 2008

A Rise to Chaos
by Antons

With the recent Khrait attacks, and possible invasion all but imminent it seems that the DM has been putting more and more Dungeon Master CPK on the map, and this has led to the recent increase in chaotic deaths. I myself have even been cpked at Hellraider by a huge stab from Weww.

I have also noted that over the past month, the top three clans have been flying around to all the equipment zones, keeping an eye out for possible equipment banks. Not to say that this didn't happen before, but simply that it is happening more.

Recently it seems that the top three or four clans are struggling for power over equipment, cpk, and respect. These become the fondest times for me because I usually purposely stir the pot, attempting to make the game more enjoyable for everyone involved. Although all the clans involved are strong in their own right, it doesn't seem anyone is emerging as an overall super-power as they usually do.

Vryce released a new pk feature dealing with a faeball that is held by one person who is hunted by everyone. This should promote pk, and help to teach new players how to pk. We can only hope that faeball will be used more than adversary, the other pk teaching tool currently in the game.

With these changes I wouldn't be shocked to see more order parties switching over to chaos as CPK becomes a more important aspect of the game. Only time will tell.


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